received but not given sex

Mon 13 Feb, 2023 05:11 am
Been in a relationship 9 months now with current partner, never recieved sex but have given it many times and at a point now where my partner asks me for sex despite me still not receiving. I have brought it up numerous times and i get told they have tried and I dont accept when thats not the case. Im just unsure if i am wrong for wanting sex and its at a point now where it will feel weird to be touched. She has given her previous partners sexual favours . Just driving myself insane trying to find advice online as its always coming up with men wanting sex. Just tired of asking and it being an argument
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Mon 13 Feb, 2023 09:16 am
Well for starters I am not for LGBT stuff as in my opinion it does not count.
It is like the question of "losing virginity". A guy can not "lose his" because there is no part of their body to split/pop/etc.....and you see the problem we are having here. So Ignoring that..........

When is the last time you have "taken" or "went" for sex from this person?

No words, no talking, no bs. Just go in for what is rightfully yours, because you know you can. It is like when I was out looking for girls, and I ended the association with a small kiss/hug or over the dramatic kiss or something with a stranger I barely know at all.

This is an old argument from the 1990's. You have seen the post Bruce Lee death film "In search of the dragon" about a bunch of "Yellows" ( East Asian oriented persons ) who was looking to become his replacement. Their is a scene where a couple gets into an argument. It is assumed they had makeup sex or whatever. Then again "Blade Runner", "American Pop", or even the "Turner Dairies".

Point I am trying to make, people put them into specific positions where they are able to be taken advantage of. Like a "husband and wife" ( Read some books by Martin Luther and marriage ). It is like that film "Juno", and we ask the question "Who fault is it?"

There are tons of girls ( like our mothers ) who will put themselves into that position and all we could say are those four-letter-words but the truth is
that everyone wants "it" to happen naturally. No give and take, no dinner-date, just pure unadulterated animalistic nature.

It is nature and it is blehhhhh, or ugghhh, or digusting.

I knew a girl I liked ( among many girls ), she pulled out a knife on me, sat with her legs open, held me when a grabbed her breast. Now she is a lesbian, with hair on her legs, corn-braids ( like the ones being marketed to men in anime ), and walks around in a Jersey, with sneakers. It is a horror show this thing called life. But for five seconds she was a girl, and for five seconds their was a window of opportunity. However that window is gone, and she is possibly more man then me.

Your with this person, so why not just take what you know is natural?
Your not man enough? But again who fault is it?
Mon 13 Feb, 2023 10:53 am
So, you're advocating rape now? Charming
Tue 14 Feb, 2023 04:37 am
Erm im not a man? And its been mentioned a few times and ive never recieved anything sexual but i am expected to give. Im just unsure if im wrong for feeling how i do after 9 months when everything else is good. To me sex is important to connect with someone but how many times can you mention something before u give up.

Sex isnt something you deserve though just because, if your not lgbtq why are you on a forum dictating to take sex?
Tue 14 Feb, 2023 04:38 am
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Tue 14 Feb, 2023 06:31 am
grinchfinch23 wrote:
Just tired of asking and it being an argument.

So, stop.

Stop asking.
Stop arguing.
Stop dating.

You're incompatible with each other. The whole purpose of dating is to find out whether two people can co-exist in a relationship and be happy. You're not happy. Sure, you can continue along this path, limp the relationship through time, but what would be gained by that? Nine months in and you're already this frustrated? You don't have to be. Find someone else who gives and receives as much as you do.
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Wed 15 Feb, 2023 06:18 pm
Your in a relationship where having sex is the norm, why not just take it. When I want sex from somebody, I just go in for what is mine and not think about anything at all. I not going to wait around until a house drops on me.

Everybody has their definitions but we have to ask "How did we get here?"
It is called sex. The only purpose of sex, and the reason for any desire or want of it.

I will admit, you sound like your talking more about the "sister-hood" or being more then friendly. I do not like to admit this but people I went to grade-school and college with who have been in sororities, self-proclaimed feminists, Man-haters, and vulgar women have all eventually went down the path of being a "Lesbian". I am not kidding. Honest to gosh that is a stereotype within itself but seems to be the direction of things.


Again this is an old argument and it does not change if both parties are of the same gender/sex

I do not see love in the action. It is a primal instinctive nerve and both parties enjoys as they should.

Wed 15 Feb, 2023 07:33 pm
Sex isn't taken, nothing is owed to you at all.

Sex is a willing gift, and if someone doesn't want sex, then it's a crime to force yourself on someone.

You do not have to love someone you have sex with. But you'd better have consent from the other person before starting.
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