What is actually wrong. Please someone help.

Fri 10 Feb, 2023 04:15 pm
Hi guys. I am not sure where to start but within one year of our marriage, now we started having fights everywhere now and then. We had love marriage.

My wife is on a trip to visit her family for around 2 months. She is attending marriages of her friends and colleagues that used to work with her.

She had to attend 3 different events in a day. One she managed to go by herself and rest others she went with 2 of her guy colleagues. She told me about them previously and they also came in our marriage. I know them by name. Though I didn't like traveling her with those guys, may you could say guys but since there is unavailability of public transport so I thought it is fine.

One of the event she went to attend was of her ex-crush, likely school time. I called her to check how are the things and she was coming back in the car with friends. While on call, she was making funny remarks that now his ex-crush is also getting married. Kept saying this like something to boast of. Her guy friends told, she saying this while I am on call but she took it casually and she said to me that are you gonna beat me (though in funny tone). I didn't like that at all.

Am I a too doubtful guy? Why I am feeling insecure? I have the question, though she had crush on someone previously but why then boast about it like an achievement to everyone. She said those colleague knew it from college time as well. I felt hurt when she said she had crush on guy and even went to attend his event. I didn't want her to go but didn't had the courage to ask her not to go.

I pointed out why she had to boast about it. Then we had a fight. I cried and said to her that I never give you such situations. It doesn't mean I could not go out with girls and talk about my ex-crushes. But I try to be within my limit. I know exactly, if I would had done the same with her then she would not had liked it at all.

She said sorry and said she didn't realise that I will feel bad. But how does it goes one way? If I do the same to make her feel how I felt then she says I am revengeful.

When I think about my actions and decide if she gonna like that or not, then why can't she.

I am a semi introvert guy so I don't have a big circle and she is semi extrovert and got a bigger circle. I don't talk to any other female friend and I know she won't like me talking to them as well but how does I become the culprit when she does it.
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Sat 11 Feb, 2023 06:32 pm
I think you have answered your own question. You are an introvert. She's an extrovert. There's nothing bad going on. You said you got married?? Trust the person you married and talk to her about how you feel.
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Thu 16 Feb, 2023 03:40 am
CoCo wrote:

Hi guys. I am not sure where to start but within one year of our marriage, we started having fights everywhere now and then. We had love bonded in marriage.

Actually is where you are supposed to be verses where you are. Literally.
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Fri 17 Feb, 2023 08:37 am
Welcome to the world of 'Love Marriage', otherwise known as 'Golden Handcuffs', where you either partner up, fight to the death, or find a way out.

Enjoy the ride, it’s going to be rough no matter the choice.
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