The Irish Role in Modern Fetish Culture

Thu 4 Aug, 2022 07:57 am
Modern Western European sex cults, originated with U'Niall of the Nine Hostages, and the hostage prince system, where men were taken from rich parents on "raids", joining with bondage cults.

It was designed by U'Niall of the Nine Hostages, the descent of Narmer of Egypt, and Pharsa Phenius of Scythia.

Scythians, invented that little alias that sexual raconteurs, some form of 'sex', indicating what you don't want the male submissive to have.

But the male prince, wants it.

How does he get it?

Egyptians, invented the bizarre, something they use, to get sex, but it's the sex the prince wants.

The dominatrix topping, doesn't like it.

It's a prostitute's relationship, for a man in wealth, and the hired woman, the origin of the "governess" in sexual fantasy.

Bondage is for politics, in European society, at any level. Otherwise, it's a concubine, the woman is a slave, it's a blasphemy against the culture of the wealthy.

The basic history in a paragraph:

U’Niall of the Nine Hostages, controlled nine kingdoms, by kidnapping teenage men, and making them sex slaves, to Pictish and Welsch dominatrixes, hired by king’s supply of whiskey and draught, the terms being ‘stoat’ and ‘mead’, a type of ale at high mixture (called a tankard) and a honey-wine meant for pedophiles (the children of the sex slaves).

This is from the 300s to the 500s, AD, when we laid this down.
And the Irish are still in charge of the entire system, by virtue of the concept of the inverted alias, the desire for a sexual act as a bottom, guaranteeing reception in exchange for political documentation for creation of a new household of power, whether a mob racket in a small neighborhood, or a noble banking house of marriage into the noble lines mentioned below.

First we'll cover the four counties, our home command, in Eire.

Ulster: The Joker lives here. If you tell him to do something, he does the opposite. But he’d do it anyways. If you tell all of them, they have a vote, and it doesn’t happen. Be wary of the vote.

Connaught: U’Niall’s seat of rulership, the Northwest. Known for Gin, a “Favage”, a type of whiskey saloon that later invented a beer’d drink, called ‘gin’, known as ‘poisonous stuff to the constitution’ (you’ll think you know laws, which nobody does; perfect for being a cop).

Leinster: Ireland’s little cousin, ‘The Denmarque’. Designed for ‘pirates of some kind’, and the ‘shuff’s staffel’, a minion’s hope around a boar (the sneaker). Known for footware, and the city of Dublin, home place of the accursed Lennoxes, claiming to be French wizards to this day.

Munster: The home of farms and fields laying fallow, when drunk (we have enough food), or, ‘opium’, thall, the term for a slave’s bastion of freedom (you get to eat what you make, that way, you get fat, and can’t work, we’re drunk).

There are the four.

That's Eire.

Ulster (Swedes), Connaught (Nobles), Leinster (Turks), Munster (Jews).

Notice that every level of infantry command, in Europe, is covered. Hence Eire, can rally any military cause, on a stock market, a set of shares based on food exchanged, for "terrorists", men and women with an officer in their family, military officer, especially a "flag", that refused a degree chosen for them, and continued on their degree in crime.

Now we're going into Britain.

This is three groups, bringing us to 7.

Alba: Later called ‘Scotland’, the word for ‘morgue’s parlour fly’, after the introduction of the Chartres, the Cards, a family from ‘over yonders seas’, a family of famous confidence artists originating in Mongolia.

Saxon: A genetic diffusion led to blond hair, creating many stories by Romans, of the strength and virtue of their warriors, actually genetically psychopathic for being unable to understand their own beards, and having hair on their arms, waist, and chest, they couldn’t see.

Breton: London, a miserable place, designed by us, to punish the Welsch, a false land property, designed as a bulwark in the event of invasion, due to hills and tanning lots of boar’s hides; our enemies, the Hanseatic League, traded many well, but we’ve refuted thee, Swedes (named ‘Sweden’, by the Chartres, for a textile project, with the invention of the ‘queen’, a pair of tight underwear, allowed to be worn on the head of the leader of Sweden should he chose, for holding the patent therefore the line).

Scotland (Gypsies), Saxon (Germans), Breton (Romans)

See how that has a machine motion, like a wheel, with a different link of culture ethnicity

These are fraud societies, they remove witchcraft, the contention of an attack of simplistic and easily achieved form, transmitted through counselors to the "daft", the developmentally or mentally disabled, often given medication from pharmacists, "banshees", Sidhes that have gone rogue (the daughters of wealthy bondage slaves, that have taken him in a court's feasance, instead of plying their trade as mercenary soldiers and "hitwoman", musicians working on hire from the Eire rank).

This is the Wheel, Central Europe.

Versus Eire, a stamp, the Middle East.

Now we have France.

France is mostly mountains, but the north, has two populated regions, along the coast.

Frankheiht: Northern France, with Paris in the South, and the river Seine flowing into the North. Paris was difficult to take a prisoner of, therefore we had to use ‘trickery’, our term for cunning, intellect, but always the same thing, a form of rape we’ve invented where you have two choices, both the opposite of the symbol given, and after that, nothing special, but the tricks continue, so we will have a gay hostage prince, perfect for advertising (accursed Romans come, from Gaul).

Halphs: A lower territory, on the shore, this place is much vexed, for being the resting place of U’Niall of the Nine Hostages, the founder of the bondage house system, having been shot through the leg from behind naked by an arrow, by an alleged noble, as our story tells it. Actually, he’d been drunk, and the Romans killed him, thinking he was a rival leader. He was, but he had children that weren’t escorting him, he didn’t care for the trappings of imperial digest. Just sex, and meat.

This is Paris (Fake Gay) and Amiens (Fake Lesbian).

Those are both straight, they beat courts, because they are men that seem like the other.

If a sharp, someone framing someone for a casino cheat, impossible under numerology of male arbitrary, and horoscope of female cyclic, has happened, then the sharp, is beaten with a courts charge of defendent using Paris and Amiens, with a switch between the two, as the male, the agent, "agent smith" as casino cheats are fond of calling it.

The casino, is the unitary basis of fatherhood's culture, meaning a punitive measure by the two French households has to be placed into form, against the sharp's father's line of criminal business, removing their rostered register from the terrorist's society of mercenary hire, then placing their fraud form, into witchcraft, for a confidence grift and a purge, a pogrom, on the sharp's marital household.

And that's all 9, the system of Western European politics, and how sex relates to it, wealth, princedoms, and mercenaries, used in Europe to this day.

It took two hundred years to build, just on the natural act of love, the sexuality of those wealthy, sons oppressed by their fathers, and women of gallant nobility and beauty seeking freedom from their mothers' taverns.
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Thu 4 Aug, 2022 08:25 am
That's a huge amount of bullshit for just 19 days away.

You must have been doing little else, a regular little scarab.
Sat 6 Aug, 2022 08:01 pm
I have 9000 pages in one document hidden online in a corporate accountant.

It's pre-Holocaust Jewish interpretations of art and finance and psychology.

I labeled it, "HYDRA".

That's why Red Skull, terrified Hitler.

Because he was playing piano in the rain.

Like in Captain American (1990), the film.
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Sat 6 Aug, 2022 08:08 pm
Reading this OP is what I imagine using LSD would be like.
Sat 6 Aug, 2022 11:18 pm
One tiny LSD tab in a bucket of ****.

Yellow Submarine may have been off the wall, but it made some sort of sense.

This is just bucket after bucket after bucket.
Sun 7 Aug, 2022 01:02 am
Are you British, then?

Britain is a bilge pump in the Old World, for powers and tribes and ethnicities and social movements that have lost battles consecutively and been forced onto the island.

You win in Britain, you move to Ireland.

It's U'Niall's system.
Sun 7 Aug, 2022 03:40 am
At least I'm a mammal, jubjub.
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