Why Do They Put Gay Cops on Vice Detail?

Reply Sat 16 Jul, 2022 10:25 am
In the escorts and dominatrix community, you're considered a pederast, for mentioning anyone you've ever had sex with, for pay or otherwise, even a flirt or crush. A gay man, will always attempt to interfere, and a gay cop, will "investigate", trying to harass them or get them arrested or register them as a sexual assault victim for conversion to lesbianism.

Is it because gay cops, think they're women, and they get jealous like men, because they have a penis?

Where is gay from, especially in law enforcement culture, the vice detail?

Most cops have wives or girlfriends, especially kids, they won't work vice, it's a gay profession all straight men privately disagree with (nobody heterosexual likes prostitution laws, in men's culture).

We all snitch on "lesbos", particularly to doctors under RomneyCare and ObamaCare, when asked when we saw a woman. A "lesbo", is a woman that's against prostitution, demonstrated by clearly being a top in personality, but requesting some ludicrous display of sex as a bottom, always some weird charge indicating what they think you are for consorting with the elegant ladies of the evening.

Moreover, what's with the campus stalking charge applied to women, being exonerated, in the film "Unsane"? I've snitched a woman for stalking, to a psychiatrist, and she was placed in mental health and moved out of my dorm, when she followed me from town and they realized that campus police and professors were attempting to arrange us, when she was unwelcome since I'd known her in highschool.

Yet she kept trying, over and over again, following my dorms and apartments and towns and internet forums, one year behind.

That's not even a "lesbo" under the local vice worker's code, that's a "fake", a woman that doesn't get BDSM and thinks it's a relationship (that's a cover, not some weird book by a Domme that got arrested and flipped pig, like Boston's Princess Kali).
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Reply Sat 16 Jul, 2022 12:13 pm
Your making no sense.

escorting is a person who is a fake date, that accompanies you to an event or something. They are not prostitutes, whores, or people to sleep with. However many attempt to or is hired because they are open in that manor ism.

and dominatrix is nothing at all. I know somebody who is a dominatrix. She has clients and they beg and bow down along with all kinds of things. Mostly business men who never or rarely seen or known anything good looking. or rule their household with submissive spouses.

The reality in my experience LGBT ( when it comes to regular people ) are rude, obnoxious, and honestly are jealous.

They are going for the big jobs, and studying the hard stuff just so they could have a living that looks anything that is normal.

The reality is that ( at least in my experience ) they take the initiative when nobody can not have any whatsoever. That is why their are your medical doctors/physicians and your school teachers right next to the Jews.

When we go downwards to the lower level. Many LGBT are unhappy because they know they are outcasts and knows they do not fit in asides their race, putter appearance and language.

Honestly if you know any officers ( name, badge number ( which is displayed ) you could write them up or even report them. You could carry them to court.

I was walking my dog one day and this


officer saw me and me dog walking. She said "I don't like the way your dog look" and then said "Your dog is ugly".

While she was doing this she was hiding her name tag ( the little tag where her name is displayed BECAUSSE SHE KNOWS SHE JUST BROKE THE LAW AND KNOWS SHE COULD GET FIRED FOR THAT COMMENT.

That is why I would carry a zoom lens camera with me if you see any officers and take a photo fo their vehicles and them as well.

It is legal for people to take any photo of any citizen representative of the state, and it is legal for officers to stress their opinions online, as well without having their jobs challenged. You could snap pictures of people and places.
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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 12:47 pm
Personally, I don't think there should be a vice detail.

Vice is moral law, not crime.

Leave moral law between a person and his God.

You want to be involved in prostitution, drug use, gay sex, crossdressing, groping, using marijuana? Completely NOT the government's business.

It's not the government's business if you do any of those things, it should be considered a tort, and taken up between the offended party and the suspected party. No jail time, just fines or whatever.

The idea that the police are trying to prevent prostitution is absurd. Prevent human trafficking, yes. But two people who agree to sex are not criminals. Whether one pays for sex or not, whether one uses a whip or flail or not.

It is seriously not the state's business to prevent vice.
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