"Siddartha" and "Steppenwolf" (Through Star Trek and Star Wars)

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“Siddartha” by Herman Hesse.

The Star Trek: Next Generation series finale, “All Good Things”, with the Nexus, a place of heaven, inside the mind, where you can have anything you want, and never commit a psychiatric crime inside your inner space.

That’s what it’s like, being a Buddhist.

However, an Islamist fasts a Buddhist, because of “Siddartha”, by Herman Hesse, placing the Buddhist in Hell, where they become a serial killer, unable to return to a place of their peace; their work ethic and honesty. Meanwhile, the Muslim fasting, takes credit for the terror attacks committed by the fasted Buddhist, while police hunt the Buddhist, for a suicide attack planned by the Islamic cop that has fasted the Buddhist. The Buddhist, engages in petty crime and fraud, while the Islamist, struggles with homosexuality and their failures with women, all raped by police purview and privilege for defeating a Buddhist (a heterosexual male in Catholic culture, but not Lutheran, Lutherans being National Socialists).

Malcolm McDowell’s character, in Star Trek: TNG, is the Buddhist, and William Shatner, is the Muslim that fasts him, who was never in the Nexus, in the first place.
William Shatner, is Osama Bin Laden, and Malcolm McDowell’s character, is Colin Powell.

The book “Siddartha”, is about the author’s divorces.

It was written by Herman Hesse, a German convert to Islam. He was homosexual, and thought Buddhism, was Islam, because of Lutheran police.

“Steppenwolf” by Herman Hesse.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back, features the Battle of Hoth, where Veers, is a corrections officer’s son, someone who is implacably useless, with a fake job and a fake background, in charge of AT-ATs and AT-STs, easily defeated artillery to back up Stormtroopers whose sole job is to secure the shield generator, so the Empire can hit the base from orbit. Veers, is in charge of data entry, while the Stormtroopers, are police, and the Rebels, are the community’s property values and real estate rates. The Star Destroyers, are an urban renewal plan, from overseas.

General Veers does almost nothing, but is placed centrally in the film’s early chapter, fighting Rebels. If General Veers, reads Steppenwolf, he tries to take on Darth Vader, his boss, as his personal student, and destroys his entire political tactica, by acting on behalf of his fleet command, sending Stormtroopers into the base to die under imperial bombardment; the cops move into the housing facility under eminent domain.

Corrections deputies and their families, are barely monikered in terms of intake of information, from eating cheap food like popcorn at the theater, but in a palm to hand method, a homosexual male in terms of independence, marriage, school, family, and depth of experience from observation and literature and own self-sufficience. In other words, they’re subservient, a prison bitch, to their own parents.

They only register the opening scene, of the film, or any film, hence they try to be Veers, against a rolling retreat, an economic investment for a short term loss, the Rebel strategy.

Steppenwolf, is about Herman Hesse learning economics, from a prison warden he’s in a gay relationship with; whom taught him about currency exchange rates; a fraudulent practice, dollar bills sent home mean nothing. It’s actually the export you ship in, in exchange for your work for the foreign country where your market is exporting their wares to. You send dollar bills home, meaningless in their economy, it’s just a debit sign for a market work program, any economy ever, and they export in their wares, for your country, in exchange for money you’ve made at work. It teaches the children of cops, sheriffs, corrections, deputies, and doctors, to cheat finance for foreign countries, because they’re homosexual, they eat like pigs; hence that “pig” is insulting as a slur to all of those professions, their children are the pigs, the little fat men and fat women, of low intellect and with slave mothers and gay husbands as dates growing up.

A butter boy, is a man fiending on popcorn, and making references to his own nipples, the fantasy of a deputy or cop’s kid, attempting to understand their own finance, after departing middle school and becoming economically independent. They never learn to live on their own, even hire an accountant, and instead subsist on their parents, their entire life, refusing to insult their father or mother, in private or public, and dependent as a family unit. They just watch the brief opening sequence of Star Wars, or any film, or any book, and relate things to catchwords, slogans, and buzzwords, instead of using their own mind to explore delusions that have an actual comprehensive meaning, once explored, the source of a highschool diploma or college degree. Medication, is just for a cop, soldier, or spy.

The case of George W. Bush, a pig boy, General Veers and the man whose finances he crushed, Benjamin Netanyahu, Darth Vader.
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