Method of thinking and gun violence and solving this riddle

Fri 3 Jun, 2022 05:34 pm
Why do people talk about police reform, or gun control when it is really about the physiological issue of method of thinking?

I mean most of these shootings, slayings, etc could be avoided if people was just respectful and realize not everybody is a monster. However that is the problem with this world.

You run into this person who takes joy out of your limitations or suffering and they themselves makes your life impossible.

If we could just look at the actual steps people took before making specific decisions. Only then we could find the actual cause.

It is like the "Lion and the Mouse". The lion did not eat the mouse and in return the mouse help the Lion out of human trap. That is what respect is.
Your politeness to one person can gain something in your life. That thing might even very well be your life.

Did you heard about the gun-man who held up a woman and was scared off by bible verses. Why? Because maybe he was forced to go to church and maybe it was a good place for him. Maybe him reading the good book and having family of that nature gave him the ability to not shoot that lady or continue to rob her. That is why "going to church" or "understanding scripture" could be great.

Imagine if you was a respectful student. You made yourself good looking,
was polite, always pushed for an A, and listen, When I was in college I literally was down I decided to be polite to my professors. It paid off, they gave me extra opportunities and even help my grade. Not only having ideal classroom behavior and studying made me look good as well but promoted my grade. You know students was jealous of me and angry.

You know how you calm guys down and make them less violent.

1. Guys needs vagina. It has to be young, clean, and make him feel like a million bucks until he is sick of it. If Mrs. Roberson made herself plastic surgery anew and was fit and kept her mouth shut about her age and went around taking virginity of every guy ( no matter what age ). The world would be a better place. If every guy just realize she wants to lose hers just as badily even if there is tears and had the courage to do so I bet every young man out there would be way happy. The last thing we want to do is pay for it, and that money would be better spent. Just love, love and love. Chances are most guys not getting any are in families too selfish to realize that makes everything normal.

2. Black people ( anybody who speaks street slang ) need to quit the rap, hip-hop, or even keep it to the club life. And actually dress up and be above all a better man. Even going as far to take the jobs and being the better student. Because in my experience almost every single person I went to school with who was white, had issues with almost everything African American and usually this was Americans ( not even people from Africa ).

3. Finally I say verbal abuse to other kinds of abuse. You need to have as much respect to even a religious person. Politeness is key and while everybody tries to bounce a ball of respect back and forth sometimes you realize that too many people want to get and never give. We have to be like Mister Rogers. What happen to being happy and not caring about the world?
That is what we need. I do not care if my neighbor has a ____. As long as that ______ is not any danger to me or my household.


We do not need more laws.
We need better people.
The people just suck, and many of them looks good but are not good.

We do not "Violence Against women Act" or "Patriot Act"
( Aka anti-privacy act ) or anything that impedes the ability for men to be men. We need men who are responsible and calculates their actions. But for that to be they need to be normalized.

Lose their "virginity" a couple of times.
Not have to deal with a proud N-word screaming N-word and upholding the rap / Street image. But a proud human being who actually steps up.
Politeness and respect from dressing nice to being upbeat and cherry like some kind of Stereotypical British image or even Mister Rogers entire seasons run.

That is what I think would help push in the direction of preventing more gun violence.

Fri 3 Jun, 2022 09:08 pm
I don't quite understand what you are trying to say.
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Real Music
Fri 3 Jun, 2022 09:44 pm

The word pragmatist is often contrasted with the word idealist, which refers to a person who acts based on high principles or ideals. A pragmatist, on the other hand, acts based on real-world conditions or circumstancesthey consider what can realistically be done as opposed to the best theoretical course of action. This approach is called pragmatism.
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Real Music
Sat 4 Jun, 2022 05:43 am
Why do people talk about police reform, or gun control when it is really about the physiological issue of method of thinking?

We people talk about police reform and gun safety reform because we are seeking
realistic real world solutions to real world problems.
Sat 4 Jun, 2022 08:10 pm
@Real Music,
I am in ( was ) college and I saw tons of ex- military straight out of Afghanistan/Iraq. One of them worked technical support and was in my drafting class ( autocad ). He was briefly called back to duty and return during the end of the semester.

Before that he was positive and talked in good nature. Usually about bar and being a "police officer and being careful not shooting anybody."He came back and his back was up against the wall clitching his hands like he had a gun in it ( clearly this was clear PTSD ) but he was hiding it.

Point being is that you have people who exit military and jump into policing ( despite them being a techie being used as an extra-body for a mission ) and people like him with that "method of thinking" is what we do not need in the police, armed-forces, and even federal government. However these people hide problems and eventually they come to fruition.

We need random psychological examinations for police officers, to test their mental response to prevent placing officers in the field who could create problems ( as with that guy who killed George Floyd ).

We need to better understand the mentality of a person using a weapon rather then preventing them from getting their hands on it. The reality gun control / safety reform. is the same thing as prohibition.

We see a problem that nobody solves.
We give a fake reason for the problem.
We make fake jobs for the problem.
The problem happens over and over again.
Yet we do not fire these people that are suppose to be experts in the problem.

We say "no more guns" and like lighting people buy tons and tons of guns, to a point where you literally could randomly find a gun lying outside in the open.

The drunks ( gun buyers ) go insane and makes people rush to buy any gun they can get.
We show pictures of somebody crying over the lost of their family member. Child, Meal-ticket, wife, brother, etc.
Nobody is saying how can we make people less violent. How could we solve peoples problems and put them in a less violent situation. How could we deter( pacify ) violence.

They just say "lets take away people rights to own weapons". People respond by buying more weapons.


Did you know officers was caught raiding the evidence lockers for guns, and drugs and then selling them back out on the streets ???

Did you know that chance is most people are not raised in a house hold or have a neighborhood with love. With more time going by and less belief of "love thy neighbor" we have more hostile people being born.

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Real Music
Sun 5 Jun, 2022 12:30 am
DICK'S Sorting Goods says it has destroyed $5 million worth of assault rifles.
Dick's CEO said the company is taking a tough stance on guns. CEO said rather
than return banned guns to the companies that make them, he would rather
turn them into scrap metal Very Happy

Published Oct 8, 2019

Sun 5 Jun, 2022 02:33 pm
@Real Music,
That's a good first step.
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Tue 7 Jun, 2022 10:27 am
@Real Music,
That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. 5 million ... dude just return the guns get back your money, and let them scrap their own merchandise.

He just gave/donated 5 million dollars to somebody for free.

In reality the manufacture literally benefited.


It is a mental problem.
Nobody wants to solve the problem with racism.
Nobody wants to solve the problem with man hate.
Nobody wants to solve the problem with culture hate.
Nobody wants to solve the problem with people being incapable of making income within their areas of studies.
Nobody wants want to solve the problem with people looping around the law system because they think they are super-intelligent then everybody else.
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