Looking for useful learning (techniques) of learning to speak another language.

Reply Wed 18 May, 2022 10:26 pm
1. Looking for useful learning (techniques) of learning to speak another language.

2. To anyone who have experienced learning different languages, What are the quickest and easiest techniques of learning different languages?

3. The emphasis is learning to (speak) other languages.

4. The (reading and writing) aspect is not the goal.

5. I suspect that some techniques work better some people while other techniques might work better for other people.

6. I suspect that we all have different ways of learning.

7. What work best for you?

8. Just looking for suggestions.

9. The ultimate goal is take part in casual conversations in other languages.
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Reply Thu 19 May, 2022 04:11 pm
@Real Music,
The best way, in my experience (and I have studied 5 languages) is to find your necessary phrases and add on to them. E.G. I need to (eat, drink, go to)... I want... I would like... Where is, How far is ...etc., and then to learn the verbs and verb conjugations (I go, you go, etc). I.e. "We would like to go to Oia - how far is it? Can I walk there?"

I would certainly only focus on the immediate past, present, and future... you don't need all 14 tenses and moods to begin with. Everyone will understand, as we all do, when your knowledge of the language is limited.
Real Music
Reply Thu 19 May, 2022 10:40 pm
1. Thank you for your suggestion.

2. That is quite impressive that you've studied 5 different languages.
Reply Fri 20 May, 2022 10:07 pm
@Real Music,
You're welcome. What language are you (thinking of) learning?

Back in my day, all Canadian students had to take French in high school (now there are many other options) and I also studied it at university. Then I went through a Russian author phase so studied that language for a while. Then I lived in Little Italy and fell in love with Italian, so studied that for a few years. Then I went to Greece for 10 weeks and learned quite a bit of Greek (speaking only). The last few years I've been studying Spanish. Don't get me wrong - I am nowhere fluent in any of them, but I (used to) find languages easy to learn and, for the most part, consistent. I can get by with my Spanish and French, and recently had to recall some Italian. The biggest problem I have is not being able to practice any of them. You really have to immerse yourself to get fluent, or have friends. Use it or lose it!

I did join a few Spanish meet-up groups but they mainly wanted to meet other Spanish-speaking people and socialize and I couldn't keep up. Perhaps I could now.
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Reply Tue 24 May, 2022 06:10 pm
@Real Music,
Piggy has been learning English for more than thirty years. But I don’t think I can “take part in casual conversations in other languages”.

Yes, schoolboys always are “looking for useful learning (techniques) of learning to speak another language.” But seems no one could be “successful”, including piggy himself thirty years ago…
Yes, “we all have different ways of learning”.

Living in the exact environment or say practice might be the best way to learn (speak) other languages. No “quickest and easiest techniques”, I think.
When piggy was a schoolboy, piggy found an interesting phenomenon: some classmates can speak Chinese much better than me, although they achieved bad scores in math and physics…Sometimes when they spoke some newest terms and words (which just popped up in society), piggy used to be puzzled and had to guess what they were talking…

Have a lovely day.

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Reply Tue 24 May, 2022 08:24 pm
@Real Music,
If you can make the time, spend at least 6 weeks in the country where you
want to learn the language and take a course there. There are so many travel & learn the language opportunities, it definitely would help you.

Watching TV (in that language) and reading aloud helps too!

Once you have conversational abilities in that language, seek out someone you can talk to regularly.
Reply Wed 25 May, 2022 03:42 pm
Yes, watching TV (in that language) is really a good way.
Piggy often watches English films on TV.“Star wars”, “1917”, etc
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Reply Sun 12 Feb, 2023 09:55 am
Personally, I think it's an imitation technique. The best way to get the correct pronunciation, stress, and intonation of a language is to listen to how native speakers speak the language. And to want to speak like them, and imitate the way people speak through podcasts, youtube videos, songs, and movies, ..... It will improve as you learn.
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