Reply Tue 12 Apr, 2022 02:32 pm
Sometimes I wish to write about someone where the number of people and their gender is unknown:

"Any of the non-incumbent candidates may also give their answers if they choose."

It may turn out to be one such candidate or many. The one or many candidate(s) may be male, female, or mixed.

Do I write his/her? It seems awkward especially when I use it repeatedly.

Do I write their? I don't know if it will turn out singular or plural.
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Reply Wed 13 Apr, 2022 08:08 am
Their is fine.

Here's why.

There is such a thing as the singular use of they. Here's an example.

"Someone called you from work."
"Well, what did they want?"

You've got precedent for using a singular they/them/their (which some trans people prefer for pronouns). So go for it.
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Reply Sat 14 May, 2022 09:09 am
Yeah, you are emotional. Too much and needy.
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