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Fri 1 Mar, 2024 04:18 pm - hightor- I believe the U.S. has arms sales to Ukraine. I acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinians (because Hamas uses them as human shields). The Russian conscripts are also suffering. (view)
Sun 25 Feb, 2024 08:25 am - Putin has created falsehoods throughout his career to peddle to the world. To do so, he uses assistants to carry out his storyline on a day-to-day basis. Have any of them ever spilled the beans... (view)
Thu 22 Feb, 2024 05:06 am - glitterbag- I would hit back at the head of the snake (Iran), not the proxy (Hamas). (view)
Tue 20 Feb, 2024 04:50 pm - If Israel had responded to the events of October 7th by attacking Iran instead of Gaza, would world opinion still be against Israel? (view)
Tue 13 Feb, 2024 04:27 am - vikorr- I think you are largely right about the advantage professional couples have in their earnings from work. I think my idea (or Henry George's) is right and would remove their... (view)
Sun 11 Feb, 2024 02:18 am - The rich people would sell their land at prices whereby they would not have profited from their ownership of land. (view)
Sat 10 Feb, 2024 05:45 am - RPhalange- As more people sell land, the market price of land may fall. Society may use less resources to acquire land and more for productive uses. The aggregate amount of land would stay the... (view)
Mon 5 Feb, 2024 04:26 pm - engineer- Thank you. Do "the poorest" own land? If relatively rich people own land, then my idea will result in those rich people paying the aggregate cost of government, taking... (view)
Sun 4 Feb, 2024 06:25 pm - People often advocate that the government provide various services to people, and others often advocate that the government lower taxes on the people. I suggest that the land tax be increased... (view)
Sat 3 Feb, 2024 05:42 am - I appreciate the differing answers that have been given. I was motivated to ask the question by my finding where I live of many poorly performing public schools, and I wondered if the teachers... (view)
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