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Tue 12 Nov, 2019 04:32 pm - Sturgis- Thanks. I would construe it as fuzz. Do I will toss the whole pint container. (view)
Mon 11 Nov, 2019 09:21 pm - I purchased a pint of blueberries. I now find that there is a white fuzz on some of the berries. What is it? Dangerous? (view)
Fri 25 Oct, 2019 09:19 am - I seem to remember an article that referenced a Pennsylvania State court sentencing an individual to leaving the subject State. I think that the public policy purpose is to avoid the cost to the... (view)
Sun 13 Oct, 2019 01:48 pm - The 1st Amendment states: "Congress shall make no law... prohibiting ... the right of the people peaceably to assemble...." However, some cities charge fees of $500 thousand or more... (view)
Mon 7 Oct, 2019 04:17 am - jespah- Thanks very much. You state that many online banks do not have strict requirements. I question which state or federal agency chartered a given online bank. That chartering agency also... (view)
Sun 6 Oct, 2019 05:36 pm - I believe that one or more States of the United States have "legalized" the sale of marijuana, THC, and CBD. That said, the sale of these substances for recreational use has been a... (view)
Sun 6 Oct, 2019 03:39 pm - PUNKEY- I found a way. Many thanks. (view)
Sun 6 Oct, 2019 03:37 pm - PUNKEY- Yes, it is a MS Word document. Using F3 did not work. (view)
Sat 5 Oct, 2019 06:24 pm - On a particular page, anything I type is in all capitals. I have tried keying the: Scroll Lock, Pause Break. Caps Lock keys, Num Lock to no avail. The problem does not exist on another... (view)
Sun 29 Sep, 2019 06:35 am - maxdancona- Well put. I share your view. With reference to the political left going beyond science to exaggerate the crisis, I wish to cite Saikat Chakrabarti, the former Chief of Staff to... (view)
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