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Fri 9 Dec, 2022 09:16 am - Why don't we declare war not on Russia but on Putin? We should then announce to the heads of the Russian military, security services, industry, and other power centers that we wish for a... (view)
Thu 8 Dec, 2022 10:04 am - jespah- An investigator taking screenshots would still not learn from that process the identity or person name & address associated with any particular screen name. I acknowledge each... (view)
Thu 8 Dec, 2022 02:41 am - Occasionally I read about the investigation of a serious crime. Often there is a statement that the investigators would check the social media writings of the suspec5t or perpetrator. Do they... (view)
Mon 28 Nov, 2022 05:54 pm - I am aware of e-bikes with lithium batteries that have caused fires. I am about to buy a clock radio. Many of the available models have lithium batteries. Do they have a risk of fire? (view)
Wed 23 Nov, 2022 08:27 pm - I just read an article about a recent mass shooting. It said that the police are checking the suspect's social media accounts. Is considered social media? Could the criminal... (view)
Sun 20 Nov, 2022 03:53 pm - Is there any limit to how much a 501(c)(3) may pay its executive staff and their families? (view)
Sat 19 Nov, 2022 07:37 pm - I wish to know whether I should buy or rent an apartment. I will consider a one-bedroom, one-bath in a specified neighborhood. I plot on a chart the price to buy such an apartment divided by the... (view)
Sat 19 Nov, 2022 01:59 pm - In the U.S., there are areas experiencing flooding and/or huge snowfalls. In the U.S., there are other areas experiencing drought. In the U.S., we have oil pipelines between many pairs of... (view)
Thu 17 Nov, 2022 06:49 am - In the early 20th century, persons wishing to enter the U.S. were required to first arrive at Ellis Island. At Ellis Island, they were examined. Then most were allowed to enter the mainland... (view)
Mon 14 Nov, 2022 01:56 am - I live in and am a shareholder in a residential co-op apartment. Does the co-op corporation have an obligation to its shareholders to keep information about each of us (e.g., any disputes a... (view)
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