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Sun 19 Jan, 2020 06:25 pm - My understanding until now was that saturated fats are unhealthy while polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are at least less unhealthy. Recently I read that some saturated fats may be... (view)
Sat 11 Jan, 2020 09:10 am - Lash- Thank you. What is your job? (view)
Thu 9 Jan, 2020 05:57 pm - One of my credit cards apparently has a functionality whereby I can use it with a tap to make a purchase without sliding the magnetic strip nor inserting the magnetic chip. Does that use RFID... (view)
Thu 9 Jan, 2020 05:29 pm - Borat Sister- Thank you that is very helpful and surely not pathetic. P.S. - I see that you live in Australia. I hope that you are not near the fires. (view)
Wed 8 Jan, 2020 09:04 am - How do you stop everyday life from leaving us feeling frustrated and negative. What can a person do to avoid being controlled by the screwed-up world around us? (view)
Sat 28 Dec, 2019 05:21 pm - chai- Yes! Thank you. (view)
Sat 28 Dec, 2019 04:28 pm - I am trying to think of the name of a particular actor. He is white and slim. He played the part of a child-like adult. His TV show became popular so he then did a movie. (view)
Sat 28 Dec, 2019 06:39 am - jespah- Thanks very much. (view)
Fri 27 Dec, 2019 06:06 am - izzypush- I believe the answer is yes as a result of a default. Thank you. (view)
Fri 27 Dec, 2019 06:04 am - roger- Thank you. I have noticed that also. (view)
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