Joan of Arc : visions

Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 04:14 pm
Yalow wrote:

Okay - who's Last Year's Man? Cohen past self?

Here's a quote from the author of Last Year's Man. Make of it what you will.

“I think that, from a certain point of view, my songs are free from meaning and significance. There's not a secret that is being concealed, there's nothing that I am not yielding. It really doesn't have a meaning any more than a diamond has a meaning. The meaning is that it was cut and polished and it produces light.” -- Details for Men, January, 1993
Leonard Cohen

In other words, it's just a song. I thought the tie in with Joan of Arc was perfect.
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Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 05:06 pm
I think that's not my type of poetry then...
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Reply Tue 19 Apr, 2022 10:10 am

In the real world, there are no such thing as angels; however, whether or not she thought she heard angels matters why?

Was she insane? Who knows?!
Reply Tue 19 Apr, 2022 11:31 am
You wouldn't say that if you'd seen the Holy Stone of Clonrichert and got a terrific buzz off it.
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Reply Sun 1 May, 2022 04:44 pm
I’m guessing the absence of proof of magical angels throughout time disproves that Joan heard actual angels.

You know, SCIENCE.

Trust the SCIENCE!
Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 02:37 pm
Well, you know better than anyone that Angels are elements of Faith, like all the other religious symbols and elements. Science is scientific, and should be taught in schools.
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