Native Americans: Where Do You Stand With Us?

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The Native/Latino/Antilles genome, and their genetic method of viewing others.

Race: Internal imagination, supplying ideal trade connection, given personal imagination and memory when in work and thought simultaneously.

Each race, has a preferred type of imagination/memory, building when intermixed genetically. When one isn't displayed by block or medication or drug, homicidal behavior occurs. When a false type of imagination or memory, from another race, is induced, there is a racist prejudice.

Jews: Music.
Arabs: Women.
Natives: Butchery.
Latinos: Fauna and Flora Simultaneously.
Caucasians: Visualized three dimensional structures.
Asians: Cipher Logic.
Hindu: Trades of marker and barrister, the terms of law as it pertains to physics of school.
Polynesians: Physical markers outside mind.
Africans: Fire and flames.
Manx: Homosexuality.
Pygmy: Racial slurs of harmony.
Slavics: Rape.
Gypsy: Cryptozooids as totem icons of fear, representing own mother.

Genome: Individual body and development type conducive with non-Arabic posture.

Lotus/Flower: Male heels above knees and arms postured as spider-palms with thumb out, Zazen. Female legs at crossing points stacked with fingers in circles, only forefinger and ringfingers touching, Tao. Necessary for Buddhism, male atheism, and Yogi, female atheism.

Jewish/Swordsman: The right knee drawn up and left leg out, kneeling right knee down to stand. Civilian. The left knee drawn up and right leg out, kneeling left knee down to stand. Soldier.

Chivalry/King: The knees drawn up against chest, infantry, the knees out at sides long, knight, with a male's hands holding or palms down, or a female's hands clasped or palms clasped, per posture respective of order.

Leader/Shaman/Thief: The legs stacked, assertion of valor against predator. The sides of the feet out in the center with inner soles up and heels down, knees out, left hand holding right wrist, to mark thought. The left knee up and the right leg out, left elbow on knee, to mark stand off long leg with push onto toe of longest leg, elbow bracing off left knee to stand on left leg.

Ethnicity: Individual ties with nationality combined with political issues in history and family traditions of note.

Nationality of identification with genetic dependences noted for trade good, histories of past choice given method of offering refusal. Family trade traditions in region given local laws, for sales and mercantile commerce. Purchase with hand gestures given in returning, not beginning, unless frauded, then a test of insult in accepting, ignored regardless.

Region: Local trade grounds where commodities are available compared to nearby commodities in other topography divided by schools as institutes.

Notation of region's nearest school system locality to home, from preschool to university or defense installation of barracks or attendance of sporting event. Food, shelter, and transport, by design of American scientists fitting model, have to be available, or Natives will refuse to live there, moving in Latinos and Antilles Islanders, to build area, the passage north from Laredo, approved of by Mexica Azteca, only trade model fitting. War of Mexica Azteca are removed, refusal to comply with military orders, the chieftain is weak in local region, and area must be fused cut with high taxes towards tobacco, marking criminal trade in information as to anarchy to foreign states of longest range capable. Necessity is to be marked by Mexica, Algonquain, Azteca, and Quecha, with the Inca being the title for the Gran Colombia leader out of Venezuala, given damage of range from information brokerage. If fraud of project, for profit or administrated otherwise, nothing, if a cheat, a Native has been enslaved by a foreign power, 'the white man', assumed to be the Chinese, since before the Ice Age.

Culture: Proper displays of above as authentic, anything else as grounds for a violent display or engagement in physical force, as being homosexual, therefore diminished and weaker from showing pacifism when challenged.

All signs must be aligned, or else foes will be considered homosexual, for refusing payment and food stuffs from own 'pocket', the concept of a whiskey skin, wine skin, or water skin with a 'coolant', a hydrating beer or peppered salt meat held, or some wampum currency natives would understand as direct pay, not social civil body of payment, to be assumed. If sex is offered, the woman will be raped, or the man will be thrown from the community by 'gangs', our mimicry of art culture, actually warrior bands, armed with knives, or any technology mustered as 'blasters', something to cause explosions and loud noises, such as spears, guns, knives, arrows, or chains to choke. Sodomey is the last resort, if imprisoned, for anyone making a furtive gesture with eyes, hands, or ears, as if owning a pet, a depraved act in Native or Mestizo culture. Beatings will ensue throughout cellblock, until they are moved to a juvenile incarceration facility, regardless of age or rules, genetics taking over.
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