No one actually provides real help for instagram

Sun 3 Oct, 2021 05:11 pm
I am on an android and I will say it straight out that Instagram is way too complex and beyond overly confusing. There is so much garbage involved in IG with no real help. First of all no one has bothered to explain the overall use of Instagram. By use I mean what purpose does any of this server?

All anyone does is reply with the same type of reply, it allows you to share things...yeah so what..I didn't ask why people used the features in Instagram..I asked what overall purpose does Instagram have as an actual platform.
When it's broken down, posting something for others to see literally has no use. Example..posting a picture of a flower for 5 people to see, literally has no point or function at all. Do you get a prize or something? Are you going to receive a $10 gift card to Mc'donald's or something?

I have yet to find any actual function or real world application/use for wanting to post a picture or video of anything

..it's not explained how Instagram even helps anyone do anything or why anyone is posting anything on it to begin with.

Example if I post a pic of a blueberry, what is the point?
Saying it shows people what you're doing and sharing things does not answer a single thing I just asked above.

Another unanswered question no one has bothered to answer is what does USE Instagram even mean?
Saying you post pictures to share and other crap isn't the context the word USE has in the above sentence.
Posting pictures/videos is nothing but using the FUNCTIONS built into Instagram...That is not what I am asking when I say what does USE Instagram mean.

Every so called help topic or video, all have the same problems, which are they all assume you somehow know what they're talking about and instead of going through step by step showing how they even navigated anywhere, they instead cut out all that and start using all these terms, phrases and illogical nonsense that it's impossible to get any actual help. Furthermore everyone starts saying to tap icons that do not even exist on Instagram that I can find.

As it stands now Any talk about a profile is useless to me because I cannot even access my profile because no one has explained the exact process for doing so. The actual icon every place shows to use doesn't actually exist.

Here is what the official Instagram help section says the icon you have to press looks like:

That icon does not exist anywhere when I open Instagram on my android.
Here is what shows up when I open Instagram: Someone else's page is being displayed which if I tap their icon at the top it just brings me to the latest thing they posted.
When i tap my icon at the top, it brings me to a screen that has an even more confusing camera screen with options on it such as, create, boomerang, layout
all of which have absolutely nothing to do with accessing my profile.

Also wtf is this story crap? I'm supposed to type up a text document starting with once upon a time?

All I know is that the entire interface of that section does not even make any sense because there isn't as single thing explained about any of it, with real help.

This is all because there are no video tutorials with narration as to why any of these features and functions in Instagram would ever even be used, what they would be being used for, along with an example of it being used.

I can't even find how to message someone. Saying go to their profile doesn't help either because I don't know how to access that either because it isn't explained. Take a screenshot and circle what needs to be tapped/pressed. If anyone asks me if I have the home page open, I wouldn't know. no one bothered to show what the home screen looks like..trying to explain what it is only makes things even more confusing
I accidentally opened a screen one time and have no idea how I did it.

How about someone make an entire instruction manual that has pictures explaining exactly what every icon is, what every icon means, what it does, and provides an actual example of what anyone would use it for.
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Sun 3 Oct, 2021 08:16 pm
Mon 4 Oct, 2021 05:00 am
All these views, not one answer...Typical!

This is why I refuse to look anything up, or post a question on a forum asking for help.
Mon 4 Oct, 2021 05:15 am
You're not asking for help you're ranting about a website only you seem to bothered about.

Don't go on Instagram, I don't.
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