Should i be very suspicious of this guy who i'm chatting with for 2 month now? Is this the dead star

Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2021 04:19 am
First of all we have met in an online community, so no dating apps, etc.
What i can tell he always replies my messages immediately, and chatting long hours. This was the last 2 month, spending a lot of time with him chatting. At the beginning he told me he never really writes anyone so i have to write him, i did, then i was kinda turned off, and he started to write too. But is seemed weird, and had the feeling he has no interest in me, but he always replied me, and waited me say bye, he never shut me down. Confusing.... normally everyone show interest and making a move.

Until now we lived in far from each other but now i moved back to his city for university and i asked him to meet. But he was hesitating, he told not yet, cuz he is not sure, i asked him why, he couldn't tell, but mentioning some family issue. Sounded like an excuse. He asked for time to think about this meeting, and in 24 hours he replied it's okay to meet. But he told me to tell him when. He doesn't seem like to make the first move. Now i am confused as hell, and freaked out, maybe he chatted with me for some shady reason, emotional support, enjoying a girl's company and attention. He gave me his fb to make sure i don't get the wrong idea and i keep calm. Should i worry? I'm just not sure what is on his mind, maybe i am not that much important to him, and he just was comfortable with online chatting, and i mean nothing at all as a person. I'm nervous, i don't know what my gut feelings tell me, should i consider he is just playing with me, or he's just nervous, scared to make this relationship real. I thought he will be okay with the meeting, and it will go easily, but he kinda refused me at first. as i know he've met a lot of peoples from online. i shouldn't have been a problem neither. i told him it'll be a casual meeting like buddies, nothing special. he agreed. So it's not dating, and in the near future there won't be one.

Tbh i'm very confused, idk if he's had good intentions until now, and what was that hesitation. I know i don't trust online peoples, but now i don't know what to expect. I haven't met a person like him online who hesitated at first that much.
If he had refused to meet me, i could have accused him and moved on more easily.

Ofc i've decide no to write him, and won't offer a date to meet, let's see if he will text me, or mentioning the meeting until the next weekend when i should make something to happen. I hate doing these little plays.

Should i be very suspicous? i kinda feel this is the end, and his words are empty, and when i tell him to meet he will have excuses, or maybe not, i have become very distrust.

ps.: sorry for my English
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Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2021 09:19 am
This has been going on for two months!?

And now you are right in his city and he still can’t or won’t meet up?

Move on. Block him. Something is very wrong. He is not what he has led you to believe.

Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2021 10:59 am
We didn't talk about meeting until now, but he told me at the beginning that i won't be only an e-friend. bu u know, these are only words..

If i can believe what he told, we will meet whenever i tell him. But when i first told him to let's meet he said "not yet", but he asked for time to think, then after 24 hours he texted me that the meeting is okay.
But for me these are only words, i have couldn't asked him yet, cuz in the next week I'm staying at home. Well who knows, i text him to meet and he will have excuses or idk. Maybe it is just a playing or idk. or that "not yet" was just cuz he was nervous. My friends cannot tell what that guy can think neither.
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