I’m almost through my 2 week suspension at work

Reply Mon 12 Jul, 2021 10:44 am
I’ve been at McDonald’s for 4 years now, three of those years at my current store. I also had the best GM anyone could ask for. He’s really a nice easygoing person and he used to give a rats ass about me. But it’s bound to end. Everyone who ever cared about me eventually walked out on me. They and everyone else we worked with said I obsessed or w/e. Like at Arby’s when the GM there threatened me with a restraining order after getting me canned.

My McDonald’s GM transferred to another store a few months ago. I missed him like hell but I figured he would continue to care about me as a person so I was still emotionally intact at that point. However, every time he visits my store to borrow stuff, he proved he stopped caring about me. He blew off ALL my attempts to chat him up. Every ******* time. However my coworkers chat him up too and he actually engages. I guess it’s because I been excessively nice to him while he was here, just like I might’ve been gone excessively nice to Arby’s GM.

It’s now been 2 months since he walked out on me. I endured ridicule (instead of sympathy) from a few coworkers before I ever became rude to anyone. So that made me rude and angry starting a months ago. So within a short time, I went from being accepted by everyone to being accepted by NOBODY. Numerous incidents and breakdowns. My latest incident that got me suspended:

Coworker asks me to help her complete a task.
Me: I don’t want to.
Her: I really need your help.
Me: no. What hood u from with that attitude? Drop that ******* attitude!

She cried uncontrollably and I’m not allowed to return to work until this coming Friday.

PS. I said before I have aspergers. A few months ago, I was also diagnosed with borderline. So now I’m stuck with 2 labels and things happen to me.
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Reply Mon 12 Jul, 2021 03:01 pm
I think I have suggested to you before to get another job that doesn’t involve being around other people. You just don’t have good people skills.

You come across as entitled, abrasive , and needy. People don’t like that. So you keep getting in these altercations with staff and with management. That should tell you something.

So what might be jobs without coming in contact with people? Working at the library. Working at a pet store where most of your interaction is with animals. Start up your own gardening business. You get the idea.

Stop hiding behind your condition. Asperger folks may have interaction challenges, but most aren’t nasty.

You have crossed the line many times. And now you are getting suspended for it!

In short, stay away from other people.
Reply Mon 12 Jul, 2021 04:56 pm
My aspergers has started fading since I graduated high school and now I have hardly any traits of it. However, my borderline personality is in full swing. I prolly had strong traits of it all my life but had only recently been diagnosed. Every time I lose my job, it’s always for stalking, harassment, or obsession over whoever I looked up to. In borderline terminology, that person is “favorite person.”

Trouble is I can’t tell the difference between me looking up to someone and my coworkers looking up to someone. My first time at McDonald’s, I pestered a coworker to “be friends” and tried to pay her. At Arby’s, I went in once a week on my days off to chat up my GM. This is my 2nd time at McDonald’s and I never once did any of that to my GM. So how am I still obsessed like everyone says I am.

Just a few months ago, everyone accepted me. Now is like literally no one. But it all started with that GM becoming really rejecting. Then I started to unravel cuz it’s hurtful. I even changed my first name to match my GM’s. I regularly buy myself the same shake he had once bought me with his Apple Pay (back when he liked me).

I need to transfer when I go back to work. My work environment has become toxic. But at least I enjoyed my suspension cuz it felt like a vacation. And my current GM still schedule me more hours than I want. She’s 25 and I’m 32. I been on a2k since I was 20.
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Reply Wed 14 Jul, 2021 04:44 pm
Both the affectionate behavior and the hostile behavior you have described seem inappropriate for work. Of course, I haven't actually seen you interact, but that's the way it sounds to me.

You cannot get away with being openly hostile to someone at a job. You have to appear to be behaving appropriately and doing your job, including giving assistance when requested and appropriate.
Reply Wed 14 Jul, 2021 05:37 pm
I know the GM at Arby’s won’t ever come back around again. It’s been almost 4 years and she still wants NOTHING to do with me. Will the McDonald’s GM ever come back around? Is there ANY chance at all that he’ll care again just like he used to? All I’m asking is that he treats me like everyone else. He talks to my coworkers whenever he visits to borrow stuff from my store. I just need him to talk to me too. Then everything would be fair.

It’s hard to work with people I’m jealous of. Other people looked up to him too and they didn’t get the shitty consequences I got. They actually got positive results. But the biggest reason I became rude to them is because they started being rude first. The very day that GM blew me off for the first time, I cried in the restroom for half an hour, clocked on the whole time. I came out to find a few of my coworkers disgusted.

Then gradually more and more coworkers stopped associating with me at all. After that, I became rude and confrontational with almost everyone daily. Whenever they tell me they needed something done, I told them to go do it then. Once, I was playing candy crush right after lunch rush and a shift manager tried to remind me the company is paying me.

Me: yes I’m aware of that. That’s exactly why I’m standing around doing nothing.

She turned to my coworker and complained about my attitude. My attitude is really just defense mechanism after being walked out on by that GM and so many others before him. Now that I think about it, I’m dreading my return to work on Friday. How do I tell my current GM I want to transfer?
Reply Thu 15 Jul, 2021 05:01 pm
You keep having the same problem as you’ve written about for years on this forum. Please. You don’t get paid to play computer games or argue with coworkers or your bosses.

Get help and stick with the advice from your social worker and/or job counselor. Your don’t seem to get your answers you’re seeking here. Repeated queries here have the same issue and no one here is able to satisfy.

Furthermore, it’s hard to understand why you’re not getting the help you need from your local community, or family.
Reply Thu 15 Jul, 2021 06:45 pm
I finally got online therapy yesterday thanks to Teladoc. Local therapist won’t take my insurance and it pissed me off. My family is fed up with me and so is my job developer. And my coworkers didn’t exactly like that I talked about that GM incessantly every day.
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