Who is toxic here?

Reply Sat 19 Jun, 2021 10:34 am
So my girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years.
My life before her was full of activities with my friends and just having a good time in general. When we first got into our relationship things were going great, but then she started shitting on my friends and not letting me go out with them to parties even when inviting her... She basically just wanted to lay on the bed all day have sex and smoke weed, but at the same time she was accusing me it was my fault our relationship looked like that. I got really sick last year(almost died) and I got lucky with some stocks so I was loaded. I spoiled her with sushi, gifts everything she wanted, I even reconnected her with her old friends, cause I wanted her to have at least 2 you know, she would force me to throw parties for them in my sick state and I did it ... I spent 4500$ in a month on her. I didn't mention she basically beat me through our entire relationship. I had my finger broken, tooth kicked in, she squished my balls so hard they were literally blue...etc etc... SO, this year I tried breaking up with her a couple of times mainly because she isolated me from my friends and now she's isolating me from the friends I hooked her up again with ( ghosting my texts, going out with them, hanging out with guys 1 on 1 at her place) You know I just had it, so 2 or 3 months ago I snapped I told her to leave my apartment and that we're breaking up... She didn't want to leave and kept pushing my buttons, I took her stuff threw it out the door and she kicked me in the nuts after which I slapped her across the mouth... She started screaming so loud that my neighbours called the cops on me... I got off easy because I had witnesses that confirmed she was a lil cray cray (also she beats her parents when she doesn't get what she wants, she's 21 by the way, and is known for having these fits where she drops on the floor starts screaming crying kicking... just total chaos. Again she wouldn't let me break up with her and somehow manipulated me into staying in the relationship... She got a little better but I knew something was off. Again I found out she had started to hide things from me and I chose to ignore it and just told her if she went anywhere to not ghost me, let me know where she is or even invite me... because I sure am lonely and she knows it ( I should mention I have significantly less money now) When the incident with the cops happened I was put on SSRI which she wouldn't let me take for some reason but I took them anyways. I'm supposed to go away in a few days and she convinced me to stop taking meds and that I get us some shrooms so we can celebrate my birthday. I got of the meds, with severe side effects but it was doable... Guess what she does next, yesterday she starts ghosting me and I suspects somethings happening, I drive to her place in 3 in the morning jump the fence to find her doing coke and MY shrooms with one of our friends who I specifically told if he gives her any sintetic drug I would beat his ass. (she has problem with addiction and again she's a lil cray cray) So naturally I did what any man would do in my situation I think... I beat his ass gave him kidney bleeding and he's staying in a hospital now, I FINALLY broke up with her and she told me the reason she's having parties without letting me know and inviting me is because I'm toxic all the time. I'm really confused here, because I was the one who was isolated sick for a year and gave her money so she can party with her friends, I was encouraging her to go out and have fun with her friends while she chased away all my friends and the moment I meet someone guy or a girl who seems cool to chill with she throws a tantrum and prohibits me from ever seeing that person again. I made all of these points to her and she tells me I'm the worst person ever. And a quick update she still wants to be with me. I can't with his girl. (Also forgot to mention not that important. I found out she was having cyber sex with her ex boyfriend when we started dating, didn't even react, also found out yesterday after the whole fight incident that she started communicating with him over snapchat 10 days ago... She says she loves me and I'm the only guy that's attractive to her, she couldn't imagine having sex with someone else blablabla) The only reason I would think she thinks I'm toxic is that I show her less affection than I used to cause I just don't think she deserves it, it comes naturally.... Help me out guys, who is really toxic here?

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Reply Sat 19 Jun, 2021 05:27 pm
You both are. Neither one of you are mature enough to be in any relationship let alone with each other. Walk away and never look back.

Reply Sat 19 Jun, 2021 10:06 pm
You beat me to it.
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