Adapting to pleasing (or lack there of) a touch-me-not?

Sun 30 May, 2021 08:51 am
Okay, so I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 7 months now. The sex is great, I can’t deny it and she’s pleased me the best out of any of my partners; we’re very compatible with our sexual energy. There’s one thing though, I’m usually a top. I always have been, and my current gf won’t let me please her. I get a LOT of pleasure from pleasing and it’s what I prefer to do, but she rarely lets me and I hate being a pillow princess. I get tired! My vagina gets tired! And I wanna make the woman I love feel good. During the beginning of our relationship she NEVER let me touch her or see her naked or anything. I don’t like being the only one naked, I don’t like being the only one coming. Recently, she’s opened up a lot more and has allowed me to please her. I’m talking GREAT sex that I throughly enjoyed and I know she did too. Even though she rarely lets me touch her, she’s always told me how good it is when I get her to come. She even hyped me up saying how happy she was because that was her first time coming since like a year ago. Now, I know I can’t change a touch-me-not, but the thing is, she’s not a touch-me-not. She used to have sex with so many women, even multiple at a time, that saw her naked and were able to make her come, and she tells me stories about these things and I get really upset because several other people who didn’t mean half of what I mean to her were able to see her in this vulnerable amazing state that is sex, and she doesn’t even let me take her shirt off or go down on her or anything. Anytime she actually does let me, she comes! Or so I thought... The other night I suggested that she could sleep with other people since I can’t give her that pleasure clearly, but she made it very clear that she only wants to sleep with me. She said she doesn’t know why she can’t be pleased, and it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with her. She said it would be the same with anyone else she’d be sleeping with, but her ex (who I’m not even sure if my gf is over her) was the last to make her come and the last she slept with (I think). But when I do please her she goes on and on about how great it was and how she missed orgasms and how happy she is, in detail. When I was talking to her last night about how I know she enjoys when I please her, she admitted that she’s faked every orgasm. Now one thing I can’t stand is a liar, but she said she was doing it as a “fake it until you make it”. That hurt, and it REALLY SUCKED Smile And she tells me she only lets me try pleasing her or see her naked because she knows that’s what I want, even though she doesn’t want that. Why is she able to **** other women and be fucked by other women she doesn’t care about but won’t let the woman she loves do that for her? I know this relationship isn’t all about sex, but I hate not being able to please my girlfriend, and she says she’s working on it and she wants to figure it out with me but we’ve already tried, and I’ve been the only one pushing that. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to be pleased because I get so mad at the fact I can’t return the favor. I don’t know if we should just stop having sex for a while? See other people? But I don’t want to lose her, we’re deeply in love, but I’m getting impatient and I can’t be with someone who I can’t please. And no, I don’t suck at sex, in fact I’m pretty ******* amazing at it according to all of my exes. I know this isn’t a problem about me. I don’t know, but I don’t wanna be the bad guy in this situation. Someone please help Sad
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