HELP! So Confused!

Reply Mon 24 May, 2021 04:32 pm
A lot to read, but it'll be like a good movie.. LOL

So I have been friends with this guy for about 5 years. Not close but friends. his ex USED TO BE my best friend. We are no longer friends (for MANY reasons) and the two of them broke up. the guy I was kind of friends with, he and I got super close after the breakup. He was really sad and I We texted daily, multiple times throughout the day. He would call me and we'd spend HOURS on the phone. The longest was 5 hours. Twice now, during texts that went on for a long time, he was sending pics. Nothing nude, but he was nude but in bed and covered up his penis with his shorts. other times our texts were pretty close to sexting.
He texts me good morning EVERY DAY! one Saturday he did, I replied when I woke up and he said seeing my name pop up gave him a huge smile. Another time he texted late at night after being sick all day and sleeping on/off that he he was going to bed for the night but didn't want me to think he was not thinking of me. (Awe he was thinking of me) Then he started to slowly mention someone else he met locally - We live about 700 miles away. But, I do visit there often and over the years we have spent a lot of time together.. He has told me its a new friend to hang out with, get out of the house because the ex is still living there for a few more weeks. I don't like that but I play it cool best I can. A few times hes told me its a just a friend thing - When they hang out, he will text and call me when he gets home. Through all of this I fell for him. FELL HARD!!!!!

He recently said he and the other person have interest in each other but the other person knows the situation at home and they are willing to wait. WHAT?!?!?! Then why are you texting me good morning daily, calling after work. Texting me to "check-in" and "just wanted to say hi". We spend hours on the phone - although that is slowing down. He still calls me every night before he goes to bed but then who am I? I did confess my feelings recently. I had to get it all out... After months of texts, long calls, his consistency in checking in and joking around and teasing me, the sexting, the I feel bad messages if he falls asleep and doesn't get to say goodnight... I just knew he was feeling something too. Oh, one of his co-workers (that I am also friends with) text me saying this guy talks about me at work all the time. That they have felt a connection... but another conversation they had about "us" he said he was afraid to ruin the friendship, he crossed the line before and it blew up in his face. later say he only wanted to be friends.. UGH! When I poured out my feelings his first response was, in a quiet voice "I have not felt that way about you.. WTF???? How not? All the effort made to text and call me? The daily good morning texts, the late night calls to say goodnight, talking about me at work so much, checking in, called 6 times in one night... REALLY???? He has not "thought of me that way" This has continued since my confession... How does he not? His actions don't link to his words.. I do not know What is REALLY going on here?
Is tis a game that he does not realize that he is playing? Does knowing I have feelings for him make him feel obligated to continue... I am visiting him soon - He says he is really looking forward to my visit... OMG!!!
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Reply Tue 25 May, 2021 05:22 am
You don't have to go. You don't have to play along.

Your pal may have felt something for you at one time, but he clearly doesn't now.

He should have made it clearer to you a LOT earlier that he was not interested. That was cowardly of him and, frankly, cruel.

You can step off this ride, and I think you'll be a lot happier when you do.
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Reply Wed 26 May, 2021 05:31 pm
Hi there...

Have you met ko27? I think you two would benefit from having a chat.
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