Imminent Return of Jesus

Reply Sat 29 May, 2021 06:48 pm
nycdad wrote:

Here it is:

1. Jesus is coming again.

2. Trump 2024!

3. Trump will make America great again.

4. Jesus will make the world great again.

5. Feel free to disregard my threads.

You aren't a Christian. You are a clown.You are twisting the Bible in the most perverse way.

Jesus was humble, kind, compassionate and forgiving. He told people to love their enemies. He told people to sell all of their possessions and give to the poor. He told people to not resist evil and to give to those who ask. He broke the law to help people and told his follower to help the stranger and feed the hungry.

NYCdad knows nothing about the Jesus of the Bible.

The hypocritical bullshit that uses the name of Jesus to sell hatred and greed really upsets me.
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