help me in a job

Sat 17 Apr, 2021 08:02 am
I am a beginner copywriter. I am looking for a job in creating articles for websites and blogs. The price is $ 2/1000 words
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Sat 17 Apr, 2021 08:07 am
You need to give examples of your work, build up a portfolio.
Sat 17 Apr, 2021 08:24 am
Look on Fiverr or Upwork, or advertise on Facebook.
Sat 17 Apr, 2021 08:57 am
Thank you for you advice
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Sat 17 Apr, 2021 08:58 am
Thank you for your advice
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Sat 17 Apr, 2021 09:40 am
Test work
Flowers for growing in the garden
In our modern time, there is a huge selection of seeds and flower roots for the summer cottage on store shelves. Consider a few annuals. Iberis is an unpretentious annual plant. It grows, spreading on the ground, while forming a dense carpet, with hats decorated with white and pink flowers. The flowering period is from June to August. The plant is 20 to 45 centimeters tall.
In gardens, it is distributed in the form of an umbrella with pink, white or reddish flowers. In stores it is sold in the form of a mixture of all varieties. Iberis needs the sun. Prefers loose soil. If you cut off dried flowers in time, you can extend the flowering time. All flower seeds are sown outdoors from April to May. Flowers can be expected about 4 weeks after germination.
Kobeya is an annual plant, it curls, shoots reach up to 6 meters. Kobeia has a complex leaf appearance, each leaf is divided into three pairs of segments. Flowers in the form of bells are arranged in 2-3 pieces in the axils of the leaves. The color of the buds smoothly passes from greenish to white. Blooms from July to the very frost. It is a warm and light-loving plant that grows fastest in sunny places. The soil for planting must be fertilized. He loves feeding and watering very much. Seedling seeds are sown from February to March. Finally, we plant it in the ground at the end of May.
Nemophila is a low plant (up to 15 centimeters) with spreading creeping shoots. Single flowers up to 3 centimeters in diameter, shades - from white to blue. Sometimes they are found with a white or brown eye or spots in the center. Blooms in June - July. Most often grown Nemophila - menzisa, blue flowers with a white base at the petal. Slightly less common is Nemophila - spotted, height up to 20 centimeters, white flowers with a blue spot at the base on each petal. The stems lie on the ground, branched. Loose, well-moistened soil and semi-shady areas are preferable. In dry weather, it is good to spill with water and remove wilted flowers. Seeds are sown directly into the ground: for summer flowering - in May, for autumn - in June. Seedlings hatch after 2 weeks.
Nigella is a highly branching shrub with a height of 30-50 centimeters. It has flowers of different colors (blue, white, pink, red). A flower with a diameter of 3-4 centimeters, terry and not terry. Blooms profusely from July to September. Nigella varieties:
Nigella damask flowers are blue;
"Miss Jerill" cornflower blue flowers;
"Rose" flowers are pale pink;
"Dwarf Moody Blue" dwarf species up to 15-20 centimeters in height;
Nigella is not demanding on the soil, but it grows better on light, non-acidic soils in sunny places. Seeds are sown in early spring or before winter. The most important thing in growing flowers is that the beauty of the summer cottage and garden area pleases with variegated flowers and bright colors of inflorescences.
Mon 19 Apr, 2021 02:47 pm
how does relate to your job question?
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