Why Do We Call Democracy An "Ideal" Government?

Reply Sun 14 Feb, 2021 08:05 am
Political scientists in schools everywhere will tell you that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" ( this isn't true btw, historically, the most corrupt were also the most ambitious, tyrants who killed for the throne, while people who didn't want the job often had the best rule) and how wonderful democracy is because it allows people to vote for people they want in office.
Moving aside the fact that this is actually a republic with an electoral college, and a true democracy is closer to what happens in a lynch mob ( "the tyranny of the masses"), moving aside the fact that you seldom have a truly free system since the campaign trail typically involves lots of travel and lots of money rather than cheaper methods of exposure (meaning only the rich are likely to even run for president), you still have to worry about the fact that the system encourages this very sort of corrupt ambition. But it gets worse. Suppose 49 people wanted to go to the prom and 51 parents opposed? You wouldn't have a prom. Now suppose these "parents" were politicians and 84% of them wanted to raise taxes, but because of loopholes that they knew about, they never have to pay them. And suppose these 84% made up the Congress and Senate only, which is maybe 200 to 500 people, in a country of 300 million. In other words, a "majority" of politicians want more tax money, but this majority is actually an oligarchy.
But never mind that. Whether it is only 1 person or 49 people, how does this amount to anything other than bullying? I want to go to the prom. Why should it make any difference what 98 people want to do? As long as the school has money for the prom, it could just be me and my lover, the cameraman, and the caterers.

In my opinion, an absolute monarchy is way better than any democracy:
- If the guy rules poorly, he lives in a castle, and can be firebombed or even sieged against. Elected officials often have private homes, and I couldn't tell you where Northam or Pelosi or AOC live to complain or bash their heads in.
- The sheer level of intrigue. Aside from having multiple kids in line for the throne, the greedy grasping for power is not nearly that of a land with rules and laws. The king is born the king, and as long as they hold their crown, that's that.
- The manipulation of voters. Democracy (or republic) is not about job fitness. It's a popularity contest. In a monarchy, you don't have people voting for candidates just because they look friendly or because the ads told them the other guy eats babies. In a monarchy, until tax time, the average citizen can go about their life. In a democracy, voters get to live the whole four years worried that what the guy they believed in and voted for betrayed their interests. In other words, they are held personally responsible for allowing taxes to be raised, riots in the streets, and so on. And don't think not voting frees you from this. "You only have yourself to blame for not voting!" some asshole will tell you. Why? Because both candidates turned out to be jerks? Because I wanted not to participate in a rigged system? Because I'd rather God ( theocratic anarchy) or a king rule instead?
-The levels of illusion inherent in such a system. In an absolute monarchy, the king can probably kill off any oligarchs. In a democracy, there are layers upon layers of deep state or secret government. It really isn't Trump or Biden running things. It's one of the Rothschild people or maybe some corporate types or maybe Soros or someone we've never heard of.
-In short, better a king being excessive than people under the delusion that they made the right choice while some other group says not my president. You're correct. Trump or Biden isn't your president. It's the lobbyists, the secret government groups like CIA or whatever, and the mega-rich backers.
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Reply Wed 17 Feb, 2021 09:19 pm
For all its flaws, Democracy prevents a government that is truly unacceptable to the majority from being imposed on that majority.

That puts it a step ahead of all other forms of government.
Reply Thu 11 Mar, 2021 07:45 am
Whar kind of government is that, may I ask?

Because I've seen monarchy, and honestly the worst thing about it seems to be that Parliament runs the show while they posture.

People are perfectly willing to accept a king born into the position, because the king in turn has their own set of rules no matter how powerful.
1. The more they rise above the people, the more trapped they become.
2. Reputation is everything. Unless they want to be honest about everything (which would open them up to the snobbery of other kings), they cannot afford to look bad to other people. They must always appear to be smiling, even when they are depressed.
3. They must somehow balance how they look to common folk, to how they look to royals. If other kingdoms feel like they have been snubbed, you have a war on your hands.
4. They need the resources of the kingdom. But they have to acquire these without being oppressive.
5. They actually have conserve resources (money, food, soldiers). Playing Yes, Your Grace is a good way to get an idea of the cost of being a king. You have to go through two weddings (the first one isn't that big a deal), numerous petitions among townsfolk, and two wars. And while this is going on, you have to keep people happy. And keep yourself from going insane.

In fact, given these natural limits of a monarchy, unless you behave like a dictator (which runs afoul of 4 and 5, and the people stop paying taxes and they're out of luck), the populace is mostly okay.

What I object to is a bureaucracy (why I hate the idea of Parliament, especially since I'm not sure that the UK actually has a constitution, so they may be able to pass any law they want), or especially a group of unelected NGOs. We see this with the UN and EU, and with corporate or banking entities. That to me is even worse than democracy. But democracy is pretty bad, since the voting system seems designed to make you think you're making a difference. Actually, you're being paid nothing to oppress others.

Suppose you live in an apartment and it has a faucet that leaks unless you turn it a certain way. You've figured it out. But that particular leak involves replacing all piping (it's some sort of deal where if you turn it on full blast, the pressure is weird) and is very expensive, resulting in doubled rent. For them to learn a simple skill would save money on rent, but instead they all vote to raise the cost of your housing. That's kinda what voting for a leader is like. You have lazy or stupid people voting with you, and they vote for some guy who claims they'd give them all hot dogs or make it so they don't have to work. Once the hot dogs are gone, the way you don't have to work is everyone is out of a job.
Reply Thu 11 Mar, 2021 04:20 pm
Parliamentarian forms of government, like the UK's which you mention, are democratic forms of government.
Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2021 07:51 am
These right wing extremists are divorced from reality. I remember Gungasnake openly fantasising what he would do if he were “King of England,” (not the UK mind, England.)

He wasn’t happy when I told him he would do what he was told, like the Queen does.

Their ignorance never stops them from spouting a load of uninformed bollocks.
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Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2021 07:57 am
In terms of actual power the Queen is more like Lord Groan from the Gormenghast books, whose days are spent performing rituals as dictated by tradition, than an absolute monarch like the Saudi king.

She is a figurehead.
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