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A Certain Magical Index wrote:
Touma Kamijou: The world has never come to an end before. And unfortunately for you, I haven't heard anything about it falling apart in modern times. Unfortunately because, that's why you can never tell if you have enough power to same the world or not. It's like my Imagine Breaker, there's no way to know what it can do unless I'm surrounded by espers and sorcerers, right? So then, if you've never been put in the position to save the world, you can't accurately claim to have the power that's required to do it. And that's the real reason you had to take things this far!
Even when doing the smallest of tasks, I've witness the moment when a single individual's world was saved. Someone who thinks they can save the entire world will only destroy it. Our world isn't as fragile as you think! It doesn't need to be saved by some bastard!!!
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