what would you do?

Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2020 12:09 pm
Hi, I have a question for you guys because I am having a hard time deciding. I'm sorry for the lack of context.
Would you rather ditch your toxic friendgroup and risk having no one, but also have the chance to find people who are good to you and get you, or, would you stay with the friendgroup and simply survive the year but be left out of everything? (I am going to uni next year so , besides long term friendships, this only applies to this year)
More simply put: Would you rather risk being alone or be left out of everything and be ignored?
Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2020 12:15 pm
Please stop creating topic after topic about this issue.

And you won't be left with no one.

There are other people out there. Lots and lots and lots of them. You are under no obligation to these people, and in 10 years or less, you'll wonder why this bothered you so much.
Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2020 12:57 pm
Me, I would prefer to be by myself, but you know what I actually like myself so I don't mind my own company.

The thing is - if you stay with this friend group - you have a greater guarantee of being alone since they are not including you. You have a better chance of not being alone if you find people who are good to you - they will include you - you will have more enjoyment being around these other friends.

Yeah it might be a bit uncomfortable to try and reach out to some other people, but the results appear to be much more positive.
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Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2020 01:29 pm
yes, i'm sorry. I triet to delete the other two but it gives an error when I try to, so my apologies. thank you for your advice tho : )
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Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2020 10:59 am
i would risk being forever alone.

#forever alone forever

who cares, for me, lgbt is what matters most.

avoid toxic people!
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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2020 12:00 am
Ditch the bad crew. Sometimes it's best to be alone until something worthwhile comes along.
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Reply Fri 18 Dec, 2020 05:42 am
I would leave this group of toxic people.
I once had this experience, I was friends with people who were toxic, they manipulated, showed disrespect, and behaved not like friends at all, although in words they said otherwise.
And I understood that I shouldn't be friends with them because they bring more negativity than positivity, but I was afraid to be left alone. I was afraid that I would have no one to walk with, to talk to.
But I dared and ended this friendship. And I do not regret it. Over time, I found new friends who respected and supported me.
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Reply Fri 18 Dec, 2020 06:01 am
Fear not. Solitude is highly underrated.
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Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2021 11:29 pm
TBH, I'd rather ditch my toxic friendships and be left alone. Before long you'll learn to invite better non toxic friends into your life..and be much happier in the long run!!!!
Reply Mon 14 Jun, 2021 04:37 am
Amen to that Katie.
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