Am I asexual?

Reply Mon 12 Oct, 2020 04:09 am
Am I asexual? I am asking this because I am really confused about myself and I can't even ask my family as they are very close-minded. When I read about sex, watch clips of it in movies, listen to it, and even watch porn, I never get turned on. I actually get bored with them. When I like someone, I've never really thought of having sex with them and mostly think about what it would be like to be with them instead. And when I do think about doing the do with them, I feel uncomfortable like there's a pit in my stomach or something and I feel nervous? There was this one time a friend of mine accidentally touched me a little close to my chest and it felt so wrong like it burns, but it also feels cold or something and I feel strong shivers at where they touch. But I'm alright with hugs and kissing though, just not with the intimate touching and stuff. Is this normal? I thought to myself that I might just not be ready, but I feel like I would never be ready. I told my best friend about this and they said that I might be asexual but that they are not sure since they are not one themselves. Am I just over-reacting? I'm sorry if this looks like a dumb question, I live in a very narrow-minded family in a very narrow-minded country.
Reply Mon 12 Oct, 2020 02:32 pm
You may be asexual. Possibly you are graysexual.

Since you react rather uncomfortably to any physical contact from another, there might be something deeper, possibly related to a trauma of some kind which you buried deep in your psyche.

Then again, maybe your libido has not yet awakened. (you did not indicate your age)

As for being asexual, in many cases with people, sexuality changes over time. As long as you are a decent person and function well with others, don't freak out over this. Let life take you along, enjoy the journey and learn to lioe, accept and even love you, love who you are.
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The Greeneye Monster
Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2020 04:00 am
Hi I have much on the feelings you described as for the sinking feeling in your stomach I think you were nervous, that friend that touch you you didn’t want to be touched by them, I’m guessing you’re a girl, if not Was it a girl that touched you? I have heard asexual feel nothing sexually but you say you have desire of being with someone... how does that work? I know women always prefer companionship over sexual activity, guys the complete opposite, I would love to hear more about your condition and if you didn’t have the desire of being wit someone I would say you don’t know how lucky you are.
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