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Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2020 12:21 am
I am in 8th grade now. In 6th grade I had a crush on a kid let's call him Matt. I still like him now and it will be 2 years soon. So about half way through the school year he started telling me he loved me, that he wanted to marry me he also made hearts with his hand at me. I asked if he was just kidding and he said "It's a joke kid" now he is a kid that is really popular play sports Baseball, Basket Ball, Football and more. He also used to air hump me in the bathroom he did it a few times then one time he asked if he could keep doing it and I said no but I regret it... He also looked at my... while i was pissing in the urinal. One time he invited me in the stall with him but I declined. He air humped me alone and once with someone watching and thought it was funny. He then found out I had a crush on him and he said that it is weird and to stop. Then a few months ago he found out I had a picture of him and he was going to fight me. Also, I noticed he got nervous around me very quiet around me but he is very outgoing. His eyes dilate and he cannot maintain direct eye contact. He also stares at me during Math & English and then I look over and he turns away. He blocked me on all social media a while ago. When he air humped me he said "nice booty".
My friend had an encounter with him and he said "I would probably **** him if I could" talking about me. I now do not know what I should do I really like him but I do not know how he feels about me...
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Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2020 12:31 am
Do you really think anybody believes you're 14?
Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2020 12:47 am
I am.
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Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 08:51 am
He might like you, not in the same way you like him. He may be in a defensive way, he perhaps feels smth for you but hate the idea to be into guys or having a crush on someone of the same sex. He's popular as you said and he couldn't go over that idea he could be with a guy, and that's why that demeanour, do not worry about it. With the time going on he will do a step forward and you need to be heedful and to notice if he did that on purpose to humble you or probably he really likes you but he had a fear to prove it. My advice will be: invite him somewhere, in a private place and ask him " Why do you behave like it, I feel smth for you, I don't even know what's going with me, but if you feel nothing for me just please stop behaving like you wanna make me suffer from love cause nothing you'll get from that, please stop. You feel nothing, ok I'll feel nothing for you, I'll never be talking to you, if that is what you want but please stop be like it. I learned to be copying with your way of behaving and I wouldn't feel smth bad if you tell me " i don't like you " "

I mean what would be the logic to make a step on you either in a funny way, humble way or even in a serious way if he feels nothing for you, just to bully, to irk you for no reason... That's so far from nothing!!!!

Please go with what I told you in your mind and when the real time comes to you, pleae feel free and brave to spit it out and to make him believe that any answer you'll get, it won't gonna make you suffer!!!!

Good luck!
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