An Election Prediction

Reply Fri 19 Jun, 2020 07:36 pm
... but this prediction is one that time will either prove or disprove.

That would set it apart from predictions that can neither be proved nor disproved.

You may say all kinds of negative things about me and my prediction here in this thread

Thank you but we've both already said enough.
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Reply Fri 19 Jun, 2020 07:50 pm
Gambling isn't spending.

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Real Music
Reply Fri 19 Jun, 2020 09:19 pm
Trump has to lose this election.
I am very confident based on the polls and current events that Trump will lose this election.

1. I believe that the stakes are too high and that Trump must lose the election,
for the sake of America and the rest of the world.

2. I just hope Biden and the democrats don't become (complacent) and over-confident.

3. The stakes are too high, for Biden and the democrats to relax.
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Reply Sun 21 Jun, 2020 12:06 am
Voters For Trump Ad - SNL

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