If movie theaters provided free masks . . .

Reply Sun 26 Apr, 2020 08:41 am
farmerman wrote:

so you have limits of how much you give a **** about others WH? Even if it s looking a bit ridiculous. Hardly "scientifically arrived at" Id say.

What are you going to do with a mask or pantyhose or whatever once you get home and take it off? Are people sterilizing them somehow and avoiding whatever is on them not to contaminate anything else in their home in any way?

They may help to reduce exposure to some degree, and I wouldn't dismiss them any more than any other hygiene, social-distancing, or stay-at-home measures; but we have to realize that the ecology of viral spread goes far beyond human control and containment.

We can do a lot to slow the spread and reduce the viral loads transmitted between individuals, but you simply can't completely isolate yourself from contaminants, and what's more is that doing so would ultimately harm you be preventing normal pathogen loads from reaching your immune system, which needs them to develop antibodies and thus vaccinate itself against them.
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mark noble
Reply Mon 27 Apr, 2020 11:18 am
Why would anyone, willingly, sit in a theatre and watch some bollux, anyway?
Got nothing worthwhile to do, other than self-indulge?
Have a Lovely Day
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