Infestation of camping equipment

Thu 6 Feb, 2020 06:28 am
Hello, my name is Kolten and I'm from Winnipeg. I'm currently backpacking in South America and have come across a pest issue. I was camping in the back country in Chile and was followed by a pack of dogs, I mistakingly fed two of them and they proceeded to share my campsite with me for 3 days. It wasn't all bad as they protected me from other wild dogs that wanted my food as well, I thought that loss of sleep due to snarling and dog fights would be the worst of my issues. But sadly that isn't the case. They still haven't left me alone as I have now brought there fleas with me. They are all over my camping equipment. I have a tent with a sensitive waterproofing on it, so I assume it is reactive with the bleach and other aggressive agents that the internet recommended I use to kill them. I have a sleeping bag that is down and can't be machine washed, a 70L backpack that won't fit in a washing machine due to its internal frame, and several hard items like a cook stove etc. I don't know exactly what kind of pest they are, but the bug bites are in clusters and look like mosquito bites up until they swell into a big raised blotch. What do I do? I figured it would be best to contact a professional. If you have any advice for me on how to curb this Infestation, it would surely save my trip.

Thank you for your time.😅👍🙏🙏
Thu 6 Feb, 2020 07:16 am
Could be lots of things. I would suggest heading over to whatever the equivalent is of urgent care there and getting tested for whatever the equivalent is of Lyme disease.

As for your stuff, it may mean you need to apply heat if bleach isn't doing the trick. And yeah, it might ruin everything. Sorry -- wish I had better news.
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Thu 6 Feb, 2020 07:18 am
Put the down bag in a dryer with heat turned as high as possible. Run more than once. Do same with your clothing. Insect spray, generous, on and in your backpack. Bleach and/or insect spray on all your other implements.
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