Left alone on Christmas Eve retail rush

Reply Thu 26 Dec, 2019 04:20 pm
So I'm feeling frustrated and I'm not sure what to do.
I work in retail electronics, so I sell consoles, TVS, streaming devices etc.
It was Christmas eve, easily one of the busiest and chaotic time of the year. There was only me and one other coworker manning the electronics department and the other two did cellphone sales. Its busy about an hour after opening, even with two of us. Unfortunately my other coworker had a family emergency and had to leave which I understood as he has children. Its four hours into my shift and I finally take my first and only break in a 9 hour shift. I head back and I'm slammed with a rush, at one point I have to go to customer service with an item for a customer. On my way back I SAW my coworker who left me alone, shopping. I tried to brush it off, perhaps he's trying to make his bad family situation better? But I cant help but feel angry and upset for being the only one out of our team of 4, working by myself on one of the busiest days of the year. At one point my second manager who really only works with cellphones told me that "I have to be every where" because she can't keep calling on me (she wont help the customers herself, she just yells for me all the time)
At one point it was taking me a little longer than usual to remove a stubborn security device and she actually put her hands on me and forcefully removed me to the side in front of several customers. I nearly snapped at her, if I'm being honest. She than gave me the advice that I should be working faster.
I'm still so upset that I called in today on boxing day in fear of the same thing happening again.
How do I bring this up to my manager in a professional way?
I'm feeling really mistreated as I have extended my hours all month to 9-10 hour shifts and then I'm left alone on Christmas eve?

I've also noticed that while I'm the new girl and only been there for a month, a lot of my original shifts have been changed to closing shifts and I feel like its because every one else has they're own plans so they're dumping work on me.
I also haven't even been paid yet.

The job is normally very relaxed and I like it but I dont think I was treated fairly Christmas eve.

What do you guys think?
Reply Fri 27 Dec, 2019 08:07 am
Christmas Eve in retail is horrible no matter where you are, or how much help there is. But yeah, you were mistreated.

Your second manager is a jerk. But don't put it that way to your actual manager. The only thing I would suggest mentioning is that the setup as it was did not allow for very good customer service. Your manager should care about that -- a lot. It may even impact their salary or bonus. So it's in their best interests to keep customers happy. And it's also in their best interests to keep their employees happy or at least around. For after the Christmas rush, there's a rush to return stuff, and as the quarter finally ends, there are likely to be sales to get rid of stuff (this is why there are Boxing Day sales, among other reasons).

And ask when you can expect your first paycheck. You have every right to know this. If it turns out it's late, ask about who you talk to, to rectify that.

A good manager isn't looking to steal your services. They want you to be paid for your labor. You can and should ask about this without further delay.
Reply Fri 27 Dec, 2019 11:14 am
Thank you for your answer and advice. I was actually so scared of the same thing happening to me yesterday, boxing day that I didn't go. I called in. I know that's probably bad but I really didn't want to be in that situation again. I'll definitely bring up that customer service suffered due to lack of employees and hopefully the situation can be avoided in the future.
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