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ive been depressed for a while because my live life is drifting off and my friends are being assholes and i just started cutting a few months ago and i nedd some inspiration and reasons on why i SHOULDNT cut....cuz for right now cutting is my coping method with life....
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17 Perfect Tweets For Anyone Struggling With Mental Health
You deserve to feel happy and vibrant.
ByLindsay Holmes

09/10/2016 06:47am ET | Updated September 11, 2016

Mental illness has a way of sucking the color, vibrancy and excitement from life. It can cause crippling physical and emotional symptoms and, occasionally, it can even lead to suicide.

Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s so crucial to send the message that mental health conditions are treatable. A national conversation on mental illness and suicide erases some of the stigma that comes with psychological disorders and, hopefully as a result, propels people to seek professional support.

One of the best ways to have this conversation is through the vast platform of social media. In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, the mental health-focused nonprofit organization, To Write Love On Her Arms started the hashtag #IKeptLiving. The tweets are an inspirational reminder that seeking treatment for mental illness is essential.

Take a look at some of the encouraging messages below:

#IKeptLiving because i knew one day i would find the light out of the tunnel, and finally that day has come๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒท

#IKeptLiving because my illness doesn't get to win. My dreams do.
โ€” Rachel Donegan (@rachdone)

elle sparks
#IKeptLiving because people need people and people need me

Kallie Rose
#IKeptLiving because I found my passion in helping others live with their mental disorders. @TWLOHA

Leah Bartlett
#IKeptLiving thanks to my friends, family, mentors, and counselors. #IKeptLiving because help is real. #IKeptLiving to tell you this.

#IKeptLiving to honour the love and care I have been shown by people I love and care for.
โ€” Keith W Clancy (@keithwclancy)

#IKeptLiving bc there are so many more concerts to go to, and I always feel so alive at concerts.

Queen in the North ๐Ÿบ
#IKeptLiving because I knew there was something more out there for me. @TWLOHA

Sometimes good advice can change your day, & ultimately your life, so please don't be afraid to seek help if you're struggling. #IKeptLiving

#IKeptLiving because i am worthy of a healthy and happy life ๐ŸŒธ @TWLOHA
pia โœจ

#IKeptLiving because I wanted to see what the "brighter days" would be like. (spoiler alert: they're worth the fight.)
See pia โœจ's other Tweets

Sam Massie
#IKeptLiving because I am not my mental illness. I will not let it take any more away from me. No one should. #WSPD16

Miranda Chantelois
Too many books to read, lessons to learn, dances to dance, too many dreams to fulfill, families to make, voices to hear #IKeptLiving

myrla, cat
You are loved, you are all loved, by someone, or something, and maybe not now, but someday, it will be okay. Someday. #IKeptLiving @TWLOHA

#IKeptLiving so that other people with bipolar & anxiety disorders would see that living fully is still possible. Joy will come.๐Ÿ’œ
โ€” โฆ Kendall โฆ (@Kendall_Claire)

#IKeptLiving because I've learned I am more than my insecurities, flaws, and mistakes

#IKeptLiving because i realized there is only one of me. though my words are small, they are still my words, and only i can speak them.
โ€” chelsea (@chelsea_faith1)

If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Outside of the U.S., please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.
Reply Tue 21 May, 2019 09:21 pm
thank you so much...ill look at this every time i am feeling more down than usual....it means alot to know that someone sees
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Reply Thu 30 May, 2019 10:39 am
oh kaylie i really feel for you. see im a teenager as well and i cut too. honestly its bc my life is rubbish like im sure yours feels too. my parents are over protective to the point tht its just crazy. i dont even have access to the internet and have to use my cousins stuff like im doing rn. plus i love music n my parents do not support my dreams of being a singer. i cant play an instrument n they wont get me vocal lessons either. they wont let me date anyone either like im not even allowed to talk to guys n i go to an all girls school . all my friends constantly talked about their bfs n so i lied to them saying i had one too and made up all this rubbish to tell them n they found out i was lying n so now i have no friends either.
but heck im not here to tell my sob story.
im here to say its all right tht ur depressed and tht u cut. maybe im not the best person to advise u since i still cut as well but im trying to stop n i just want to give u some help. but anyway the first step to getting better is to accept yourself and your actions
then u work on urself and ur actions.
have u told ur parents u cut? i told mine and guess what? they laughed and told me stop being so attention seeking. so i understand if thts not a path u can take
some coping mechanisms ive found tht help me to not cut is to use a marker to draw lines on my body where i would cut and then place an ice cube over tht spot. i also use rubber bands to flick myself. distraction is also a great way to cope. for me its painting reading and singing. lol yeah im tht type of girl. find what distracts u and use tht to cope.
reasons not to cut include tht hey ur precious. maybe not to the ppl around u rn but trust me out there ur ppl exist who will love u for who u are. please dont hurt urself if only for their sake.
just bc other ppl r causing u pain doesnt mean ur so worthless tht u need to hurt urself too. no ur better than tht. ur worth it and there r ppl out there willing to listen and to care for u even if they dont know u yet. but trust tht they are there.
furthermore you need to realize tht u are not just capable of surviving. u r capable of living. u may be just a pawn in this game of chess but even a simple pawn can turn the outcome of the game around. u dont have to be just what ppl tell u you are
plus its okay to break the rules. idk what ur depression stems from but mine stems from too many rules. i heard this quote somewhere cant reacll who said it or what the exact wrording was but its along the lines of if they give u ruled paper write the other way. i have yet to take this piece of my own advice lol but im trying.
i hope u have a better time getting better than im having. i wish the best for u bc ik how depression can steal the love in ur heart ur friends ur life and eventually your soul. i hope u dont have to go through tht.
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