Nazi Clown Watch - Senator Pauline Hanson

Fri 27 Sep, 2019 11:18 pm
September 28, 2019

Senator Pauline Hanson is with the One Nation party in Australia, and is a lowlife racist pretending to be a politician you can trust. The following video is a perfect example of what morally clueless Pauline is all about -- fascism. Her cattle prod use implication is that climate change protestors are subhuman beings. The only subhuman being in the scenario Ms. Hanson speaks of is herself.

Ms. Hanson, perhaps you would enjoy murdering the protestors, but cannot be honest enough to say so for fear of losing one moron supporter who might surprise you by condemning you? Be honest (you can't -- Nazis don't have it in them). Genocide is the goal of all Nazis -- all they need is time and circumstances.

All around the world now we have "the latest and greatest thing in Nazism" -- the female Nazi "leader" (read "guide to hell"). Behind these "ladies" are male Nazis pushing them into the spotlight to speak for them. Male Nazis know their energy comes across as too Hitlerish, so they just organize, ensuring they're out of sight, sneaking around in the background. They want their spiritually crippled followers to get all warm and fuzzy with Ms. Hanson, but only an idiot or another racist would get warm and fuzzy with this monster.

"Pauline's SHOCKING plan to punish climate change protester pests!"
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