Over 1,400 girls raped and abused by Muslims in English town

Wed 3 Sep, 2014 01:28 pm

Over 1,400 girls raped and abused by Muslims in English town

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

8/28/2014 (6 days ago)
Catholic Online (www.catholic.org)

Over a 12 year period, hundreds of children were systematically raped, beaten and sex trafficked in a northern English town, and the government commissioned report on the incident reveals that it is still going on today.
For more than 12 years a large community of Pakistanis living in England have enjoyed sexually abusing girls while officials turned a blind eye a new report reveals.

For more than 12 years a large community of Pakistanis living in England have enjoyed sexually abusing girls while officials turned a blind eye a new report reveals.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - This horrifying revelation has also exposed cultural tensions between authorities and the town's ethnic minorities. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham revealed that social counselors saw evidence of this exploitation early on, but turned a blind eye.

These victims may never recover from the horrible things done to them, but you can bring some hope into this dark world.

The city's government made the inquiry's report available on its website, revealing at least 1,400 cases of abuse between 1997 and 2013-a conservative time estimate-which included gang rape and death threats. Currently, special investigators are handling 51 cases and other teams are also involved in looking into other additional cases.

"There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone," the report says.

"Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators," the inquiry says.

The report identifies that politicians, social services and police were totally unable or unwilling to stop these acts committed by Rotherham's Muslim population.

The perpetrators, who were mostly Pakistani, worked together, inflicting these barbaric acts on white girls, the report said.

Social counselors took a hands-off approach on these cases, not wanting to be labeled racists or stoking a right-wing backlash in the city.

"Several (counselors) interviewed believed that by opening up these issues they could be 'giving oxygen' to racist perspectives that might in turn attract extremist political groups and threaten community cohesion. To some extent this concern was valid, with the apparent targeting of the town by groups such as the English Defence League," the report says.

Most of the known victims were white, but there was also systematic abuse by select groups of Pakistani man against women within the ethnic group. These inter-ethnic incidents often go unreported because the victims fear vengeance or public shame in their communities, the report revealed. The perpetrators may also use fear to blackmail these victims into continued servitude.

"The first of these reports was effectively suppressed, because some senior officers disbelieved the data it contained," the report said.

"Police gave no priority to (child sexual abuse), regarding many child victims with contempt and failing to act on their abuse as a crime," the report added.
Government awareness did not seriously appear until 2009, by which time the thinly staffed social service workers were overwhelmed by the number of potential victims.

"The team struggles to keep pace with the demands of its workload," the report concluded.

Catholic Online
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Wed 3 Sep, 2014 01:30 pm
See NYTimes for 9/3/14 for more news on this subject.
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Wed 3 Sep, 2014 01:48 pm
Really Millet? You posted an article from Catholic Online about the sexual abuse of children by a religious community.

I love irony.
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Wed 3 Sep, 2014 02:12 pm
Unfortunately, this is pretty much true, and probably the tip of an exceedingly nasty iceberg.
Britain went and grasped ultra PC idiocy from around the time Blair came into power, and for a very long time, including right up until today, people in local government, social services, justice systems, police forces and government positions of power, both local and national, seemingly did anything to cover up and dismiss any nastiness that could in any way, shape or form be considered racist.
Basically, these bastards could do pretty much what they liked, and the cowering authorities did what they could to preserve and encourage "social cohesion".
This included dismissing any young, vulnerable mainly white girls, nearly all underage, and actually going out of their way to ensure that their complaints were dropped.
Of course now, the hand wringers are coming out of the woodwork and all trying to blame one another, but in the end, these poor young girls were badly let down.
So far there has only been one "grooming gang" that has been brought to justice, but within the next month or so, there will be, according to soje police sources, approx 1000 arrests over various parts of the country, and mainly involve Pakistani-heritsge (therefore probably muslim) males.

Makes you proud to be British.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 02:15 pm
There is a path that avoids both racism and neglect.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 02:15 pm
I think I read about this before, I guess it's on the radar now.

Ugh, of course, whoever does this stuff.
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Wed 3 Sep, 2014 02:20 pm
The big mistake that the authorities made in all of this, was bringing the race/creed element into it.
If it was investigated and prosecuted from day one for what it was, ie illegal grooming and sex with minors, the Pakistani community would have had no problem in accepting it, because along with the vast majority of them, child abuse is as unacceptable to them as it is to any rightminded community.
But no, the first gangs got away with it and the word spread.

Absolutely unbelievable. When matters are as serious as this, **** PC stupidity and arrest the buggers.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 02:27 pm
This is how the first actual prosecutions unfolded, back in May 2012.....


"When police were called out to deal with a girl smashing up the counter of the Balti House takeaway in Heywood, Rochdale in August 2008, they were perhaps expecting to find someone more threatening than the waif-like 15-year-old they arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.
But after being taken to an interview room by Greater Manchester Police officers, she spent six hours pouring out the horrifying reason for her rage: she had been raped repeatedly by a gang of men, she said, who would ply her with vodka and threaten violence if she did not submit to them.
Kabeer Hassan, 25, and another man who can only be named as Defendant X were both arrested and questioned, but for reasons that are now the subject of an independent inquiry, no prosecutions were brought.
It meant the 15-year-old, known as Girl A, and scores of others continued to suffer at the hands of a nine-strong paedophile gang of Asian men who preyed on vulnerable white girls they saw as "easy meat".
By the time police finally caught up with them, they had abused 47 girls, according to the police, though the true total is likely to be far higher.
It has left the force, prosecutors and social workers facing uncomfortable questions about whether they failed to act for fear of being accused of racism.

Girl A's unimaginable ordeal began in July 2008 when she was taken to one of two takeaways used by the gang, the Balti House and Tasty Bites, which are both now under new ownership.
Another white teenaged girl, nicknamed The Honey Monster, had turned from victim to abuser and was used by the gang to find them a steady supply of vulnerable youngsters like Girl A, who was living in the same house as her at the time after becoming estranged from her parents.
Girl A had been to the takeaway with The Honey Monster before, and had been given free food, cigarettes, alcohol and taxi rides home.
"It made me feel like I was pretty," she later said. But it was all part of the grooming process by the paedophile gang, and on this occasion she was given vodka until she was "dead drunk" and then invited upstairs by 55-year-old Defendant X, the ringleader of the gang.
"He started talking about all the things he'd bought for me, and how he wanted something back for it," said Girl A, who looked even younger than her 15 years because of her flat chest and petite frame.
"It's part of the deal," he told her. "I bought you vodka, you have to give me something."
She tried to spurn his advances, but he pushed her onto a bare mattress and raped her. As she sobbed afterwards, he said: "Don't cry, I love you."
It was around three weeks later that Girl A was arrested and alerted police to her ordeal, leading to the arrests of Hassan and Defendant X.
Rochdale social services were alerted to her allegations, yet nothing was done to protect her, even though police insist to this day they believed her story.
Yet it took them 11 months to send a file on the case to the Crown Prosecution Service, which decided in July 2009 that Girl A would not be a credible witness in court and did not, therefore, go ahead with a prosecution. The police decided not to contest the decision even though Defendant X had no explanation for how his DNA had been found on Girl A's underwear.
As a result, the worst of Girl A's ordeal came after she had told police what was going on. In the four months after she spoke to police, she was driven around a succession of sordid flats and houses where she would be raped by up to five men each night, four or five days each week.
The only affect the arrests had on the pattern of abuse was that she was passed to the control of Abdul Aziz, 41, a taxi driver who would transport her between the "chill" houses where she would be raped.
Many of her abusers are unlikely ever to be identified, but among them was Kabeer Hassan, to whom she was passed on as "a treat".
The threat of violence was ever-present if she considered trying to escape.
Meanwhile Honey Monster was busily at work finding a steady supply of other girls for the gang to rape, in return for a finder's fee of up to £200 per girl.
One of the abusers, Abdul Rauf, 43, once told her not to take a "little" girl because she was too young, but Honey Monster ignored him, saying another girl had moved away and "the men wanted new girls".
She would later escape prosecution because she, too, had been abused and was seen as a victim who had lost all sense of right and wrong.
The gang also included Mohammed Sajid, 35, Adil Khan, 42, Abdul Quayyum, 43, Mohammed Amin, 44, all but one of whom are taxi drivers of Pakistani origin, and Hamid Safi, an Afghan asylum seeker. They were convicted of charges involving five girls in total.
Among them was Girl E, who had only just turned 13 when Sajid picked her up in his taxi and plied her with vodka before raping her. She later said Sajid and his co-defendants "treat white girls as easy meat".
Another victim, Girl C, became pregnant at 13 by Adil Khan. She said: "Pakistani men pass you round like a ball, they're all in a massive circle and put a white girl in the middle."
When a victim called Girl B was being raped by one of the defendants, Safi interrupted, saying: "I want a turn, I want a turn." Girl B saw him cutting his own arm with a razor blade before he threatened her with it to make her comply. She said: "I'd rather that happen than get my throat slit."
The gang's victims were typically in care or on "at risk" registers, their isolation from their families having turned them to drink, drugs or both.
One of the men on trial in Liverpool said: "You white people train them in sex and drinking, so when they come to us they are fully trained."
Others have told their victims it is fine to sleep with them "because it's what we do in our country".
Girl A finally escaped the gang in December 2008 when teachers noticed how often Asian men were picking her up from school. By then she was pregnant, and social workers said her baby would be taken away at birth if she did not move away from The Honey Monster, so she went back to her parents' home and eventually moved out of the area altogether.
"What they did to me was evil," she said. "They ripped away all my dignity and all my last bit of self-esteem. By the end of it I had no emotion whatsoever."
But it took another two years for the authorities to catch up with the gang. Rochdale's Crisis Intervention Team, an NHS clinic offering advice on abortions and sexual health to vulnerable young women, alerted police after a number of girls came to them with similar stories about being groomed for sex by Asian men.
A wave of arrests followed in December 2010, including Defendant X and Kabeer Hassan, the men who had escaped trial in 2008 because prosecutors did not think a jury would believe Girl A. Yesterday Girl A finally had the satisfaction of seeing the gang convicted after a jury had no difficulty in believing her story, and those of her fellow victims.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 02:50 pm
Absolutely horrific.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 03:14 pm
This was on Panorama the other night.....

Stolen Childhoods : The Grooming Scandal.

I hope it's viewable in the US/Canada. If not, you may possibly find it by other means, hopefully.
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Wed 3 Sep, 2014 03:59 pm
A lot of people, including childcare professionals, are saying that the reason the perpetrators were largely Asian/Pakistani origin was that Rotherham has a large Asian population and many of them work in the night-time economy - taxi drivers, restaurant staff, etc, and basically if you look elsewhere you will find the same level of abuse, only inflicted by white British men.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 04:07 pm
Sorry, but that's bollox.

Grooming like this on such a massive and organised scale has been carried out systematically by Pakistani male gangs, up and down the country.

If there is systematic, organised abuse by white gangs, or gangs other than Pakistani, then give us the evidence.

1400 girls in ONE town.

God knows how many in others.

In my opinion, maybe their predominantly mysogynistic culture/religion has a lot to do with it.

Same level of abuse my arse!
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 04:20 pm
"Over 1,400 girls raped and abused by Muslims in English town"

So, this was perpetrated in the name of Islam?
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 04:22 pm
If there is systematic, organised abuse by white gangs, or gangs other than Pakistani, then give us the evidence.

1400 girls in ONE town.

Hmmmm, I don't see any evidence on either side of this claim. There are certainly white perpetrators in pedophile or child pornography rings.

I would be interested to see if there is any real data to suggest that this is more prevalent in Muslim communities than it is in other communities.

Wed 3 Sep, 2014 04:32 pm
1400 in one town, and we should expect a similar number from Anglo perpetrators? They would have to be running open slave auctions in the town square to get numbers like that.
Wed 3 Sep, 2014 04:37 pm
That's 1400 over a 16 year period. It is a lot, but I have no idea how it compares to other towns or if ethnicity has more to do with it than economic circumstances. Child prostitution is a problem in many communities and is particularly prevalent among communities with vulnerable populations.

Earlier this year there were stories of the thousands of child prostitutes being trafficked by gangs in the World Cup in Brazil (a place with a negligible Muslim population). I don't remember this story being turned into an ethnic issue.

That is why I am wondering if there is any real data.

Wed 3 Sep, 2014 04:46 pm
I guess you are looking for real comparative data.

Fair enough, but 1400 is a big number from just one ethnic.
Thu 4 Sep, 2014 05:02 am
The evidence will be made all too available over the coming weeks, when this and other towns and cities take these perpetrators through the Court process.

Rotherham is the first to hit the headlines. Watch the news over the next few months for similar horrors to be revealed in places such as Manchester, Derby, Bradford, London and Birmingham, to name a few.

This was/still is, a very well organised grooming and abuse "business", set up, operated and overwhelmingly controlled by people of Pakistani Heritage.
They liased with each other from town to town, ferrying mainly white girls ( although they did target Sikh girls in at least one location) back and forth, gang raping them at organised "parties", and beating them when they complained.
The number of known victims so far is about 1400, but likely to rise significantly over the coming weeks as the nationwide enquiries and investigations by Police come to fruition.
The number of Perpetrators involved will number at least 1000, according to a Senior Policeman from another area being interviewed on the News the other night. It could be much higher. The numerous gangs in those nationwide investigstions also overwhelmingly come from the various local Pakistani Heritage communities around the country.

It is a sad, sad day for everyone that this has all been allowed to mushroom and prosper here in this country, purely to preserve "social cohesion" in most instances on the one hamd, and the utter dread of being branded a racist on the other.
These poor girls have been sacrificed on the shining PC Altar that officialdom has worshipped since the advent of Blair and his bunch of manipulative power freaks.

Just my opinion, of course.

But then again, an opinion formed through working directly in the firing line of exactly this kind of thing for the past umpteen years. I have seen reports lambasted in meetings, public humiliations, people "encouraged" to leave or retire, and even one major whistleblower shunned by her colleagues for daring to write a report about this very type of thing.

I am glad that I'm out of it now, as it got to the point when "gatekeepers" would read every single report from every single officer and censor or dumb it down accordingly before it got printed and sent to Court.

Talk about 1984. No wonder this has been kept covered up for so long.

Contrex's earlier reply to me was a classic, and one of which any 'PC at any cost' boss would applaud.
He/she first tried to somehow explain as to why it happened to be the Pakistani Community that seemed to be at the forefront of all this. Late workers, taxi drivers etc.
Let's just get into that first, shall we?

1. Isn't it in fact racist stereotyping to say that these types of workers are mainly or predominantly Pakistani?

2. Isn't it also inaccurate? Taking the same racial stereotyping....What about the Chinese community? The indian community? The Greeks? Don't they all run takewayd and restaurants?

And what about the towns and Cities where there are no Pakistani communities? There are many, and they too all have evening restaurants and taxis.
Why do they have none of this going on? And before anyone says it does, I'm talking about a large, organised gang who targets underage girls in such a way as Rotherham, not the single pervs who commit this stuff on their own.
So the people who gave this as the reason are doing exactly what they are supposed to do in such a situation. Find something to almost justify why these animals are doing what they're doing. With a little extra effort, these 'PC at any cost' spokespersons could even twist it so that the Pakistanis come out as the victims in all of this.
Believe me, I've seen Crown Court judges throw out many a report which takes that bullshit line. Then again, I've seen many a report taken as read.

Secondly, he/she tried to minimise the situation (a classic tactic) by implying that white people get up to exactly the same stuff, and that this should be somehow regarded as nothing unusual. The implication of racism is there if you look. Anyone singling out those Pakistani Heritage men over the past several years would have received the same pat on the head amd encouraged to think another way.

Well, this IS entirely different.

This IS a nationwide disgrace, perpertrated on a scale that has never been seen in this country before.

This IS vastly more serious, not only in numbers involved, but the blatant organisation of it all, and the total and utter disregard for hundreds and hundreds of underage girls, seemingly targeted because they were of a different ethnic background.

This IS and has been perpetrated by mainly (at least 95% has been quoted) PAKISTANI HERITAGE MALES, from Pakistani communities across the country.

This IS a case that has been brought about specifically bacause of warped PC idealogy and dreaded fear of being branded a racist.

Watch this space for more arrests. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

S'cuse typos as I'm hurrying. The top of a very large cherry tree needs lopping, and the weather's perfect. So......

Walter Hinteler
Thu 4 Sep, 2014 05:30 am
Prof Jay's report has been the fourth report clearly identifying the problem of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham - the first was by the Home Office in 2002 (contained "severe criticisms" of the police and local council for their indifference to what was happening under their noses as the Guardian wrote earlier last week).

So it was known (and that's one of the reasons, the town council ordered that report).

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Thu 4 Sep, 2014 09:10 am
Lordyaswas wrote:

The big mistake that the authorities made in all of this, was bringing the race/creed element into it.

We've had similar (though not identical) cases involving sex, race etc with young, mainly college girls. It seems that young girls ( 20s) are being attacked , mainly near Boston college areas, almost on a daily basis by males, who walk up behind the girls and then grab and "feel" them.On some occassions, the grabing if followed by attempted rapes on the street, in building alleys or hallways.

The male attackers are rarely IDed by the news media as "yellow,black,brown or white). On a few occassions, street cameras have IDed some of the attackers as "brown" (Hispanic?). Yet, the media rarely notes the ethnic identity of the attackers.

Even though there appears to be an epidemic of sexual attacks on young women, very few of the attackers have identified or even caught.
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