Too much spinach and broccoli is bad for you?

Reply Tue 17 Sep, 2019 08:49 am
Hi. I am curious about this. They say green vegetables are good for you. I like spinach and broccoli and so does my brother. I read online about the health risks of eating too much spinach and broccoli:

According to https://www.fix.com/blog/foods-that-can-be-toxic/#targetText=Spinach%2C%20Beet%20Greens%2C%20and%20Swiss%20Chard&targetText=Consume%20too%20much%20and%20you,%2C%20vomiting%2C%20and%20weak%20pulse. :

"Spinach, Beet Greens, and Swiss Chard
Dark, leafy greens are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with essential nutrients including vitamins A and C, iron, and folate. But some - namely spinach, beet greens, and Swiss chard - are also high in oxalic acid, the compound that gives hearty greens their signature earthy, slightly bitter taste. Consume too much and you may be in for unpleasant symptoms such as kidney stones, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, tremors or convulsions, vomiting, and weak pulse. But don’t think this means dark, leafy greens aren’t part of a healthy diet: In moderation, they’re perfectly fine. Some research shows it would take about 25 grams of oxalic acid to cause death in a 145-pound person, which would equate to about 7.3 pounds of spinach.

https://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/a19932655/dangerous-healthy-foods/ :

This versatile and delicious leafy green is packed with goodness: It’s an excellent source of protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. Spinach is also high in lutein, a carotenoid that may help prevent age-related macular degeneration (a common cause of vision loss and blindness), says Gaby. However, spinach is also high in oxalate, a compound that can lead to the formation of kidney stones—so patients with calcium oxalate kidney stones should avoid overdoing it with this veggie."

Some other links about the health risks of eating too much spinach:


However these links list the benefits of eating it:


This lists the pros and cons of eating spinach:


These list what happens if you eat too much broccoli:
https://blackdoctor.org/494243/7-healthy-foods-that-can-be-bad-for-you/ ;

"Cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage and collard greens have many health benefits and are shown to reduce your risk for cancer and heart disease. However, eating too much of them can cause some other health-related issues. There are compounds present in these vegetables called thiocyanates which can affect your body’s ability to absorb iodine. This can lead to a condition called hypothyroidism, which occurs when your thyroid gland becomes underactive. Some immediate symptoms include weight gain, constipation, dry skin, low energy levels and an enlarged thyroid gland. While these veggies are healthy, adding too high of an amount to smoothies or green juices can throw your body off balance with thiocyanates. If you are prone to having thyroid issues, consume moderate versus large amounts of these type of vegetables."


https://www.thinkingnutrition.com.au/broccoli-bad-for-you/ :

"To start with, broccoli is a well-described goitrogen. Goitrogens are chemicals that suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake, a key mineral needed to make thyroid hormone. This blocking of iodine uptake causes the thyroid gland to enlarge; a goitre is the end result.

Broccoli is loaded with goitrogens, particularly one group called thiocyanates. The consequence of eating these thiocyanates is the potential to develop the very serious condition of hypothyroidism. What is hypothyroidism? Well, do you or have you ever experienced any of these symptoms?

Fatigue and low energy levels
Unexplained weight gain
Slow heart rate
Intolerance to cold temperatures
Fatigued and aching muscles
Dry, coarse skin
Puffy face
Hair loss
Problems with concentration
If you said yes to any of these, then you’re a candidate for being hypothyroid and I would be looking at broccoli as the prime candidate for causing this."


This lists the pros and cons of eating broccoli:


Which sources are correct? I am concerned about my diet and health, but I am not quick to believe everything I read online. I should consult my nutritionist about all this.

Please help- thank you.
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Reply Tue 17 Sep, 2019 10:29 am
Don't fret, food scares have been going on for centuries and it's all some newspapers seem to print.

This song is a piece of satire, but everything mentioned has been called carcinogenic by the Daily Mail.

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Reply Tue 17 Sep, 2019 10:53 am
The dose makes the poison.
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Reply Tue 17 Sep, 2019 12:25 pm
In the words of Heidi Klum, (paraphrasing her Project Runway line), 'one day it's good, next day it's deadly. '

I've seen coffee, eggs, red meat, milk, other dairy, and plenty of stuff go back and forth between the listing over the years.

I'm still waiting for the FDA to allow us in the USA to legally purchase and enjoy delicious liquid cyclamates again. It's been 50 years I want them back!

Unless you have been diagnosed with an allergy, most things are safe with level headed moderation.
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Jewels Vern
Reply Tue 17 Sep, 2019 08:39 pm
The body needs about forty nutrients, some in balanced amounts. Too much of anything will kill you.
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Reply Thu 19 Sep, 2019 05:37 am
What are healthy alternatives to spinach and broccoli?
Reply Thu 19 Sep, 2019 07:00 am
Spinach and broccoli are healthy foods.

It's only when you eat too much of them that you might have problems.

This is the case with many foods.

Moderation is the key.
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Reply Mon 20 Jan, 2020 02:20 am
It's the healthiest vegetables ever. They have everything to keep you healthy and good-looking. Of course, if you eat huge portions and very ofter it can become a poison and even the allergy can appear.
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