My Friend, what is the issue and how do i sort it?

Reply Thu 11 Jul, 2019 07:01 pm
Hey This is not really a gay situation but i need advice from my community. Im 27, bi and my friend is straight and 19.

He started work around December and by February we became more chatty, swapped snapchats and numbers and over the last 5 months, all we have done, pretty much everyday is talk. Alot about work, but girls, family gym, money, the future, life in general. His dad left him when he was 13 so he said he sees me as a father figure and even calls me dad haha. He has MAJOR ANXIETY is the majority of situations and always rings me to help. I help him talk to girls best I can. He has only slept with one girl when he was drunk. We sneak off in work together, have our own language, buy free pizzas etc. He has his own age friends who he has said he has to "distance himself" from because of their negativity. He goes on a few nightouts with them and they seem very judgemental and always look down upon him for the job he has and thinks girls will aswell. I recently I picked him up at midnight twice from 2 seperate nightouts because his friends are just **** and leave him. We facetime and even had a 2 hour phone call the other night. When he drives past my window he either rings me to wave from the window or texts me or beeps lol.

Problem - His mother wont let him renew the car insurance with his current job situation, something has happened between them and the only alternative is he told me on Monday is to quit the job because she won't "let him" go to work. My managers have tried to contact him and have had a few replies but he generally ignores them. He hasn't told them he's quitting but he told he me "he's leaving" so i dunno whether he's waiting till we've been paid or what but he hasn't handed the uniform in yet...

Issue I have is since Tuesday (3 days ago) he has completely changed. We had 2 conversations about this and I have expressed my anger and upset over him leaving and he said it's not his fault, its his mam and the insurance and hes ignored me several times. I snap chatted him a spider - ignored and i snap chatted him a joke about alcohol in the club and he ignored that.

Today, I was driving at work and he was a few cars infront of me, the sun was shining so i couldn't see much and i honestly say his car sped off down the road because he saw me....

What is going on guys? I am really upset about this? Do i message him tommorow? and have it out with him
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Reply Fri 12 Jul, 2019 12:14 am
sneak off... buy free pizzas

Sure hope you aren't paying too much for them Laughing

Okay, to the difficulty. You got angry with him and wonder why he is ignoring you? He needs help and advice now, not anger and judgement against him. you already said he gets judgement from his other friends.

Of course he's changed.. Odds are he doesn't want to quit. He may be upset about possibly losing you as a friend. Let him know that even if he has to quit, you'll still be his friend.

Advise him (if he hasn't quit and if he'll listen to you n0w) to try finding a lower price insurance. Something he can afford and then maybe be able to keep the job.

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