What do you do when you feel dead inside? What are your coping methods?

Reply Fri 31 May, 2019 03:23 pm
God i literally feel like i cant breathe. like the world is crushing me. normally i distract myself w singing or painting or reading but a lot of the time i just dont have the energy to do these things. i lose interest in doing anything i love. i just wanna huddle up comatose in bed. any tips for how to get myself up and about? i cant go out or anything bc my parents insist on going everywhere w me for "safety purposes". i cant text friends or anything bc i dont have any tech devices of my own, no phone no tablet no nothing. i normally have to beg my cousin to hand over his laptop for a bit, like rn. and i swear when i start feeling like this all i wanna do is cut myself. but i can still deal w tht using alternate stuff such as snapping rubber bands on myself. what i wanna know is how to deal w the feelings themselves. how do ppl stay so upbeat all the time? what methods do u use to cope w such feelings?
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Reply Fri 31 May, 2019 07:13 pm
Please talk to a trusted adult about getting help from a professional.
Reply Sat 1 Jun, 2019 04:38 am
thx for replying. but what if i cant? i approached my parents n they just told me i had no idea what depression was n to stop seeking attention.
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Reply Sat 1 Jun, 2019 05:02 am
For several reasons , I was depressed when I was in my teens. That was in another geologic era. I had the original "goal oriented BS" helicopter parents and was a bit of a geek who was always in special classes above my age , so I was more a mascot who was a source of answers and was ignored after school.

I found that a slow introduction to high activity sports like sprint swimming and cross country running through woods and all kinds of terrain. All this had an effect thatwas calming and left me more interested in my future than my present. I kind of fell into basic rules of growth and leadership an learned NOT to feel embarrassed at having talents(except for spelling )
EXERCISE reallly helps , but not this "inplace tv emulating crap". Get out on a bike or hike and study and be aware of your surroundings .ACt as a full unit take it in while you expend the energy. It worked for many of us as kids and I think the sessile habit of many kids lead to isolation and loneliness and depression.

Your parents are some of the last clue-in people. They have a goal in mind for you an dont like any roadblocks or embarrassments of stuff lik depression.
WORK AROUND EM THEY REALLY MEAN WELL< THEYRE JUST CLUELESS. Remember this so that you can empathize with your own kids later on. Dont be clueless when you realize how you developed and treated your depression

Reply Sat 1 Jun, 2019 05:06 am

And I am sorry.

Do you like to read? Draw? Paint? Work out? How could they object to any of that?
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