Need someone in high school in the US during the 1960's to answer a couple of questions

Reply Thu 23 May, 2019 03:16 pm
Where did you live during the Sixties?
How old were you at that time?
What was your personal situation then?… In school, or working?
With parents, or on your own?
Married, or single?
How did popular culture, like TV, movies, and music, affect your life in the 1960s? What TV shows did you watch, what musicians did you follow, etc.?
Did the news media affect your thoughts or society’s thoughts regarding the events of that time? If so, how?
Were you, or anyone in your family, part of the counterculture? In what way? How did that affect your family life?
Did you participate in any marches or protests, either in the civil rights movement or in the anti-Vietnam War movement? If yes, what were those experiences like?
What is your most lasting memory of America’s involvement in Vietnam? Did that involvement, or the draft, have a direct impact on your life?
In your community, how was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King looked upon? Did the civil rights movement make a difference in your life? Explain.
Where were you when you heard that JFK had been shot? How did his assassination, and those of other public figures (Malcolm X, MLK, RFK, etc.) affect you and the people around you?
How did the role of women change in the 1960s? Did you, or anyone you knew, change their lifestyle or views because of the feminist ideas circulating in the 1960s?
Did you watch the moon landing on TV? What impact did that have on society?

For you, what were the most memorable parts of the 1960s? The best thing? The worst thing?
What were the biggest changes you noticed from the beginning of the ‘60s to the end of the ‘60s? What is the most significant difference in American society today as opposed to the 1960s?
What national figures did you admire? Were there any that you didn’t?
How did the Cold War and concern with communism spill over into everyday life in America?
What are your personal recollections of growing up during the Cold War? How did you feel about the Soviet Union? Why?
Did your view of the war in Vietnam change over time? How, when, and why?
Was there a generational gap in your family regarding the issues of Vietnam or any other controversial topics of the time period?
Do you find there to be similarities between Iraq/Afghanistan and Vietnam? Explain.
How did events of the ‘60s influence who you are today?
What role did fashion (hairstyles, clothing, etc.) play in your impressions of the ‘60s?
What cultural event do you remember most vividly?
What was your reaction to LBJ’s decision not to run in the Election of 1968? Overall, what are your memories of that campaign?
Do you think that the American presidents of the ‘60s (Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon) tried to lead the nation in the proper direction? Are they to blame for the failures of the time period, or were they swept up in the tide of history?
If you could change anything about the 1960s, what would it be?
Did the events of the ‘60s (war, assassinations, protests, riots, etc.) cause you to lose faith in government?
What impact did desegregation have on those around you?
Were there any political leaders, activists, or cultural figures you especially admired or were fascinated by? Why?
How did developments in the ‘60s compare to the set of beliefs you were raised with as a child?
Describe an event from the 1960s that shaped you as a person.
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Reply Fri 24 May, 2019 06:12 am
I was not in high school in the 60's, but I would like to point out that your list of a "couple of questions" indicates that you have no understanding of the definition of a couple. Looks like it could take nearly an hour of someone's time to answer them all. Good luck getting responses.
Reply Thu 6 Jun, 2019 02:58 am
Thanks for the information you provided, they are very helpful to me
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