Does he like me or should I give up?

Reply Sat 13 Apr, 2019 10:45 am
So I ve thought this kid was cute for a while and we are in the same club which recently went on a trip. The first day we kept exchanging looks and he was sweet but we didn t interact much. The second day most of the group stayed at the girls condo because it was biggest and very few people had events to go to. Later in the day I was sitting on the loveseat with my friend and he got up and he made an excuse to sit with me. As it was my room I got up often to clean or get things for people and he kept moving closer. We laughed and joked with each other then I had to leave for an event and he looked disappointed and asked when I d be back. When I returned my seat was open and I say back down and he kept moving closer and we continued to joke around. Towards the end of the night someone took out their vape pen and the kid asked for it and tried to do some sort of trick to impress me. I hate vape and the smell and he accidentally blew it in my face so I got up and he kept saying sorry. There was a sickness going around the group and I had been taking care of the others who were sick because they were my friends and I began to feel sick myself and did not return to the loveseat. When our advisor came by to get everyone back to their own rooms the couches emptied and I sat back down and started playing a puzzle game on my phone. The kid came over and was talking to others and getting his things but before he left he stopped by me and asked what events I had the next day. When he saw my phone he asked what I was doing and watched me for a little before our advisor kicked everyone out. He had my number from a group chat and so he texted me and asked for my Snapchat and we talked on there for a while about hobbies and where were going to college next year before I fell asleep. I woke up early the next morning for an event but he didn't have anything so he stayed in his room. When I returned with my friends to our condo he talked to me a little because one of my friends roomed with him and had woken him up when he went to change. Soon after he came to our room but sat away from us really because we were huddled playing a card game. After the game someone left so I took a spot on the loveseat with my best friend but she soon got up to get something so I payed down because I was tired. Meanwhile this kid had moved to the kitchen which is next to the loveseat where I was for no apparent reason. Next I sat up to talk to my friend and he jumped next to me making the joke that I moved. We sat and relaxed for a while and joked some more. The person with the vape pen came to our room again and he took I and kept trying to do tricks. Once he got one down he would loosely follow me as in if I went to the kitchen he would be in the kitchen for no reason about 45 second later and do the trick so I saw and would talk to his friends from there. It seemed like he was trying to impress me but I wasn't sure and when the loveseat opened back up I sat down and he did too. I was playing the puzzle game again so he asked me again how to play and as I was trying to explain my friend started to talk to me. My phone, which he was holding, then received a text from my recent(as in the day prior recent) exboyfriend. I left that relationship long after I should've and it was toxic and he would not stop messaging me. After this he handed me back my phone and didn't talk much but when he and his friend left to pack their things he called "fives" on the seat and came back very quickly to sit down next to me again. He off and on would mess with me but he seems hot and cold about it. He left early with a group that had finished their events and I stayed behind. It had been hours since either of us had sent a snap and he sent one once they were about 40 minutes out. We talked for a little longer but I had a weird feeling because he seemed to not want to talk so I stopped messaging him. I later was talking to my best guy friend and he told me the kid told him he was just playing with me. I believed but also my friend has recently gone off the rails emotionally and has been lying a lot and even though he's been very truthful to me I know he's liked me since our freshman year. I sat down with some friends and just asked the kid over a text for an honest answer about what I've heard and instead of answering he called me out and said something to the effect of "well if we're having an honest moment I didn't know you had a boyfriend so" and I told him how I'd just broken up with him and he wouldn't stop messaging me and I hadn't told many of my friends what had happened yet but I'm sorry he felt that way. He responded with something around "well I'm going to Denver in 4 months anyway so I'm not really looking for a girlfriend so I guess what you heard is true sorry if I was a dick" I said it's okay and I still found him to be very sweet and his answer was just "ok thanks". That has been the end of communication but as I am an classic overthinker and am going to college for psychology I have been overanalyzing. When I was with him his smiles seemed rather genuine and his laugh with me seemed different than that with his friends and he would tap my phone to mess with me when i hadn't talked to him for a while. I also glanced at his phone at one point because my friend threw something on him and he was scrolling through Snapchat past a bunch of unopened snaps and messages yet he opened mine quickly and he continues to watch my story even after all this(it all occured last night). Personally his messages seem like he was hurt and he was just being defensive but I'm unsure. I'm pretty sure he was a player but I have no concrete evidence other than what I've been told and that a lot of the unopened snaps were from girls at my school from what I could see.
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Reply Sat 13 Apr, 2019 11:11 am
Say hi and have a conversation with him. And you'll know. Don't try to read tea leaves.
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