Walk away and mean it to get her back.

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What’s up ladies and gentleman.

First off, I love talking with women about relationships, dating and a lot of other **** so this is directed specifically towards wanting your perspective, what you would do in my shoes to proceed and what I’m currently doing in the present with my actions.

So there’s the woman that’s 18 and I’m 26. She started hanging out with my friends at our organisation and I’m kind of a lone wolf so the school we were at they became friends with her and then I met her. I really wasn’t into her but I thought she was kind of a cute little Italian. Really short, dark silky beautiful hair.. Italian straight up.

So she’s sitting with my buddies talking with them about how she slept with this guy and it was her first time in 10 months so right away I knew she was involved with other men but I don’t really care because she wasn’t exclusive with any of them and I don’t care about them anyway. I decided to make my interest boldly know to her and not beat around the bush. I said, while she was talking about where he’s ******* up, lying to her and what not... “so if things don’t work out let me know” with a 007 smirk. Long story short, she stared flirting with me hard, following me around, punching me, standing close, touching me. Like a bratty, little hot step step sister. Look normally I don’t date women this young I date women my age but I wasn’t into her personality but her little Italian shortness was cute as hell. So **** it. I asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat the next day and she responded back very quick though a text so the date was pretty quickly made. We went to dinner, I paid, and then the bowling alley and I paid as well. Probabaly under a hundred bucks. It was awesome, she paid for our Uber’s where both of our vehicles were in different states.

We went to grab some awesome food. The vibe was prett damn awkward at first and I felt like I had to force the conversations so I backed of and allowed there to be silence. Then, I didn’t the awkward air to keep surrounding us so I started ******* with her making her laugh. She point out that the waitresses were checking me out and kept point it out a couple times. So she noticed other women were interested but I was a gentleman and did not flirt or hold eye contact with them because would not like that. We got out of there and I took her bowling then. Started bowling and I noticed she was on her phone a lot... so I had to step up and have a spine and say something. It’s rude and a pet peeve of mine. I could have been a little nicer the way I said it but I’m not about sugar coating **** and I just say what’s on my mind.
I said, “If you’re gonna be on your phone the whole time I’ll just leave your ass here.” She didn’t use her phone at all but I could tell it was bothering her. The vibe got awkward again but it’s becasue her head was in the colloid with other dudes. Again I don’t care about them but it’s just what I noticed. You know when you listen to your gut. I’m completely cool with dating multiple people as it’s what men and women do these days until people decide to become exclusive.

We arrived back to where we were staying and decided to go somewhere to make out. So we did. And it was nice. She was leaning into me, rubbing her head like a lioness rubs the king of the pride along the side of my face. Any way she ended up wanting to leave and go to bed. It would have lead to sex for sure but I don’t like women to feel forced who I am hanging with. So I was okay with that and we both went inside.

The next day she seemed completely uninterested. She was dodging eye contact with me, avoiding talking. She one time playfully punch me in the arm but I just kept walking and kind of ignored her when she did it because it bugged me that she was acting like I didn’t exist and I was like “**** that, I’m better than that” In my head.

Couple days go by. I “accidentally” responded back to one of her texts with something short and she asked how my day was going and I waited quiver a few hours to reply. I was pretty turned off by the behavior she was displaying and I assumed I fucked up by talking to much on the date and her interest level was low or attraction.

As we began to leave the site we were at with our company I noticed her leaning into another guy. You know, same stuff as with me. I mean, nothing I can really do about it so I was okay with it. It honestly made me a little jealous but I got over it quickly because she’s a grown ass woman and she needs the freedom to do what she wants and so do I.

I messaged her later that day.

Apparently my buddy, one of the friend I have she talks to says she ended it with the one dork she was talking to and had sex with after not having sex with for 10 months because he kept lying n ****. So whatever to that... knew he would **** up eventually.

Texted her after not hearing anything.. as in I initiated it. I sent like one text. She didn’t reply..... a couple hours later.... here’s Where I shouldn’t have messaged her again. I messaged her another time and said “I’m not not a piece of **** like that dude. The one who lied to her and was dating other women on tinder and stuff. She apparently wanted to be exclusive with him and he was shady so another reason why she ended it.

And she replied back to that text I sent her with, “I know that”
And I said something along the line of “I hope I didn’t hurt your feeling by being distant. I noticed you stopped punching me in the arm playfully and stuff which I liked. Your head just seemed like it was in the clouds.” If you change your mind get in touch. She saw me shortly after that and avalided me still. I could tell she read it but just stopped all contact after that. I didn’t see a purpose in continuing. I don’t want to be seen as a weak man or a door mat.

Been a couple days now and haven’t sent her any texts at all or reached out in any way. Haven’t heard from her. Actually it’s been two days specially.

What do you think the odds are she’ll come back if I continue no contact? Was there anything I could have done better to help improve with other women?

Since, I’ve moved on and decided to continue talking with other women and going about my life.

Help would be greatly appreciated as I think she was pretty cool and was really diggin the Italian damsel.
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Eight years is a big gap - and it shows.

Find yourself an older, more mature Italian woman.
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