What is your greatest talent or skill, and how would that benefit the community of Summer Camp?

Thu 4 Apr, 2019 10:41 am
I have tried to brainstorming about writing this essay for more than a week, but I always got stuck. I don't know what should I write because when applying this summer program, I have to send it with my CV. If I write about my passion for making an impact on others through several social activities, it already has been written in my CV. Should I write about something that is not written in my CV?

Therefore, what kind of topics that the evaluator expect from this essay? What should I write?
Thu 4 Apr, 2019 01:21 pm
It's a summer camp job. They're not looking for academic exploits.

Write about things like how many mountains you've climbed, or if you've done running races, or if you have an arts and crafts skill you can teach. If you can play the guitar or sing, that's good to mention, too.

Everyone else applying is probably leaning heavily on their academics but the bottom line is, even if this is a purely educational camp, it's for the summer so that means bored kids who are going to want to get outside.

Once outside, what do they do?

That's when this great skill or talent comes into play.
Fri 5 Apr, 2019 05:29 pm
Thank you for your answer.

When I read the program description, I think it is not purely camp as you mean (build a tent on a mountain), it is like summer school I think because many activities are held at the campus.
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Fri 5 Apr, 2019 05:39 pm
"I have gone outdoors on several occasions. Sometimes, on purpose. While outdoors, I have not gotten lost a single time and have managed to not freeze to death, die of starvation or get scurvy. I have proven that I am immune to mosquito's flying off with me, though many have tried.

I can generally tell the moon from the sun based on which glasses I am wearing. 9 times out of 10 my shoes are on the correct feet and I ALWAYS wear pants or short pants based on weather predictions.

I know how to interpret weather predictions.

Thank you for considering me for your outdoor needs."
Sun 7 Apr, 2019 03:54 pm
Thank you for your answer. But I think is not quite related to my question because I have made a clarification about the meaning of the word "Summer Camp" in here.
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Tue 9 Jul, 2019 06:46 pm
hello, i am not sure what you mean "summer camp"is the same with "summer camp" in china, there are two important exams that most of chinese students need to participant in. they are college entrance examination and postgraduate qualifying examination. and a summer camp can give participants a chance that they can exempt from academic interview if they have a good performence when they are taking part in postgraduate qualifying examnination. bseides, if some of the teachers(the organiger of those activities) think highly of you, you can enroll their universities with a lower qualified score than others. so if you are talking about this kind of this activity, i strongly advise you to have a try because it can bring a great benefit to you. whether or not you end up with a spcial treatment, i can definitely make many like-minded friends. also , if you can perform better than others, you will never regret to participate in it.
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