If Jesus died to forgive us, then why is there a Hell?

Tue 23 Nov, 2021 12:03 pm
bulmabriefs144 wrote:

You've got the terms of the game wrong.

The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast.

The wicked receive absolute power for a limited time. What do they do with it? Sing Kumbaya? Join hands and start a love circle? Hell no, they immediately try to oppress the entire world, forcing them to wear a Mark of the Beast or be totally unable to buy and sell. Let's be clear about this, these sick fucks are willing that the entire economy implode, causing untold suffering to people's lives in order to coerce them into a sort of passport system that not only makes people unemployed but renders them unable to buy things.

The method (probably an RFID chip of some sort) tracks people at all times, taking away every last bit of their freedom. It also makes them severely sick (the Bible describes boils, and also the inability to die).


bulmabriefs144 wrote:
God doesn't "throw a tantrum".

Oh, the way the Apocalypse explains it, its a harrowingly violent and bloodthirsty tantrum.

bulmabriefs144 wrote:
We have screwed up our lives with nonsense and should be tossed in lake of fire.

Control freak much?

bulmabriefs144 wrote:
The latter section of Revelation has quite a bit about the sort of world that honestly you might like if you stopped struggling with it.

What, and live forever with a bunch of Jesus freaks? No thanks.

bulmabriefs144 wrote:
Basically you got the whole thing wrong.

Your opinion is duly noted.
Tue 23 Nov, 2021 06:57 pm
The apocalypse is the coming of Jesus. The word apocalypse literally means "from cover" referring to the revelation. So interestingly, nuclear/zombie/robot apocalypse are all misuses of the word, since nothing is revealed here. This is when Jesus is revealed.
It is not God throwing a tantrum. If anything it's woke human snowflakes ❄ deciding they know how other people need to live, and God finally saying "Go **** yourselves."

Why I say it isn't a tantrum is that a tantrum is an active destruction. Similar to Big Mom throwing a shitfit because she needs to have cake, smashing things and eating people. This is far closer to Batman saying "I won't kill you but I don't have to save you either." God just hits the Ignore button and you go poof. Hardly a tantrum, and entirely your fault.

What, and live forever with a bunch of Jesus freaks? No thanks.

(shrugs) Well I think you're missing out on a glorious opportunity.

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