We all see the same media and presidential speeches, how do people conclude differently?

Reply Wed 23 Jan, 2019 12:55 am
Wow, I would have thought there would be more people on the Internet who would agree with what I think, yet I'm getting down voted into oblivion for speaking against the crowd!

I'm so annoyed when people demand that I should hate Trump just because it seems like the "thing to do."

I would think that people would be bothered by society trying to silence them or telling them how they should think and censoring those that call out the democratic hypocrisy. It blows my mind how people vote for a side who basically lynch mobs people they dislike even when they have no corroborating evidence to accuse people of such heinous crimes.

So I guess democrat supporters support mob rule and not a fair trial, huh? We should believe every outrageous accusation against the president and Republicans without evidence, huh?

I guess the snowflakes are offended that I don't agree with their ideologies?

If you think the democrat politicians care for you, why don't you visit San Francisco - Nancy Pelosi's district and see how much she cares about her own citizens that are living in tents everywhere?

Oh yeah, I can see that democrats care for people soooooo much.

Oh, there are people that actually believe the BS published by CNN, MSNBC, etc.

/end sarcasm
Reply Wed 23 Jan, 2019 12:50 pm
democrat supporters support mob rule and not a fair trial

You get downvotes because some people here think low of you, that,'s all. Why does it matter so much to you? If you crave for approval, stay away from the Internet.
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Reply Wed 23 Jan, 2019 03:40 pm
Inability to recognize an obvious fact. A real bad conservative fault. And the inability to tell the difference between real news and fox news.
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Reply Wed 23 Jan, 2019 09:58 pm
If you couldn't see that Trump is a self-serving huckster long before he even nominated for president then you don't have any sort of a bullshit detector.

If you can't see a pattern in what he says you're a goldfish. If you derive anything meaningful from what he says you are projecting your own meaning.

I laughed when I saw in one of your other posts you disparaging 'know-it-all-experts'. Like this guy:

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