Why is it the government & tax payer's job to pay for your house & kids?

Reply Mon 21 Jan, 2019 11:09 pm
**Edit to the troll who keeps down voting me - go ahead, keep down voting me, I'm never voting for a democrat so it doesn't matter if you down vote me or not. I just laugh every time you hide behind the down vote button since you don't have any logical come back to my posts.

Democrats seem to think us tax payers should pay for their kids, house, etc. they can't afford. Why is it my job or burden that I should be concerned that you can't afford your next mortgage or rent because you weren't wise enough to save when you had money? Why are people still living from pay check to pay check? Have you not ever thought of saving or working a second job in case an emergency like the government shutdown happens?

I've worked two jobs before and I didn't have a day off for 4 or 5 months and I never had to get on welfare or any government assistance.

I have my own bills and house to pay.

So I should be poor so you can live in a house for free courtesy of my taxes?

Why have kids if you're going to ask the government to pay for your child?
Why have kids if you're going to give your child away?

I would never give my own offspring away and if I couldn't afford to have kids I would never bring a child into the world when I can't even afford myself. Are people that foolish that they don't know how to protect themselves if they want to have premarital sex?

Abortion isn't an issue for me because I don't need sex so I don't deal with the stress of worrying about getting pregnant after having sex.

I don't know how other people were raised but I was always raised that if I have a kid I am the one responsible for it.

If I want a house I am the one who buys it.

If I want something to eat I am the one who pays for it.

What makes people think that it's the government's job to take care of people's housing and kids when most people are able bodied citizens and CAN work, but they just choose not to because they're lazy?
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