What/Who am I?! Help Please!

Reply Mon 7 Jan, 2019 06:06 pm
Hello, First off i would like to say thank you to anyone who helps me. Since i'm new to all this i want to state that IF anything i say is ignorant or offensive i am sorry, it is 100% not my intent. But my problem is this..... i am a born male who is 31. The past year or so i have had different opinions on who i am. I've been traditionally straight and "manly" my whole life up to that. But i have had feelings of wanting to be very feminine. Basically i want to be a girl in every way except still having male genitals. As in i want to look, sound, and act female. But not all the time. I get in "moods" where i either want to be do straight male things still (dress like a boy, look like a feminine boy, sleep with women, etc)and moods where i want to be a girl (dress like a girl, sound like a girl, sleep with men, etc). I do like both men and women, but i DO NOT enjoy sleeping with men when i look like a man. I don't get aroused at two men ( obvious and masculine) having sexual relations. Not saying i have a problem with it. It just doesn't arouse me. I want to (at all times) look feminine enough to pass as either female or a feminine looking male. EX: small breasts, that when topless look like breasts but in a tight male shirt, looks like pecks. An androgynous face. Feminine curves and hairless (except eyebrows and hair on my head). I've always wanted a more feminine body. And because i hated my male body i tried working out, and after more than a year and 40 lbs of muscle later, i still hated my body. Due to my "moods" and personality i have had little encounters with men because i still have a masculine body and don't enjoy it when i don't look feminine and sexy. Basic overview, I want to have a feminine body (breasts, soft supple features, hourglass shape, pronounced hips, etc). I want my face to be both feminine enough to pass as female but masculine enough to pass as a feminine looking male (but this is without make up, with make up i look completely like a girl). I want to keep my male genitalia though. As long as as my sexual partner isn't male, I'm ok with being in a "male mood" or a "female" one and whatever we do is ok ( like whoever the more dom one is and who get penetrated etc is up for grabs). But when my sexual partner is a man and masculine looking i only want to be in a "female mood" and be the one who gets penetrated ( i don't want to penetrate a masculine looking person). But one thing i should point out is that i don't find masculine men traditionally attractive. I can look at a man and say he is a good looking man, but i don't look at them with the same infliction i would a woman or a feminine trans. However, if i did look the way i wanted to, i would probably sleep with men more often than i do women ( as in i would be the one getting penetrated more often, than doing the penetrating, even though i find women more sexually appealing than men). I do have make up and female clothes, and have thought about hormones, getting work done, doing work outs that promote a feminine body, and corset training my figure. But i haven't yet because i don't know who i am or my "identity" yet. Please help me! What should i do? who am I?!
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Reply Tue 8 Jan, 2019 07:21 am
You can be trans (and take hormones, if needed) without bottom surgery. That's how most trans folks are, 'cause bottom surgery is expensive.
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Reply Tue 8 Jan, 2019 08:34 am
You are a bisexual that prefers female over male lovers. to get more feminine you have practice high pitched voicing, learn to shuffle and pivot hips to walk feminine. Shave all body hair and grow your head hair long and use female hair products to get silky soft appearance. brush your hair at least 1,000 strokes a day.

Reverse Leg Lifts, Side Leg Lifts, Squats,Side lunges and Step Ups are exercises that will gain you a more femme appearance. Make sure that on your workout days, you are approaching your exercise with plenty of protein and fluids in your system. I am vegan and would strongly recommend investing in a high quality protein powder such as Vega’s Essential Shake.do not work out in gyms because they are not always the most trans friendly places. Instead, work out in an open area like bedroom or living room.

Get estrogen, testosterone blockers, and progesterone injections estrogen is the hormone responsible for most female characteristics. It causes the physical changes of transition, as well as many of the emotional changes

hang with exceptional feminine girls and copy their clothing, habits, body positioning and thinking .
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