What can be done?

Reply Sun 30 Dec, 2018 09:26 pm
Fell in love with a girl at office, never told her because I don't like office romance, kept it with myself. About this girl, she is very innocent and naive girl, she doesn't know right from wrong in social interactions, constantly has her college friends to help her out if what certain things mean. In short, she is a jumpy little girl, always believing anything said to her, but if turned in the right direction can understand and grow so much. Now about me, I don't know it all, I'm no extrovert, but definitely Im no innocent saint either, just street smart about few things.

So it so happens she tells every little detail of everything to her friends, always, so she tells them about me and they understood that I'm flirting with her, which is true and I don't deny it, and Im not the creepy 24/7 all the time hitting on her'- type.
So her friends advised her to maintain distance from me ( I got to know through sources). At the start I was confused and worried if I had done something wrong or said something that hurt her, I asked so many time what went wrong, she never said anything, months passed and I was missing my friend, the only genuine person I met in this office, and finally knew this was the issue, we both had stopped talking like before, and it's as if we don't know eachother. She talks, but only professionally, which makes it even more depressing. It's like I love this girl so much and yes in love you do flirt, but now she's not texting or talking.

I feel like a person separated from someone he loves, not because she doesn't love me back( we would know only if we tried, and in office she was pretty close to only me, which even made others ponder if we were together), but because she was restrained from further even talking to me by her friends, her friends are the best thing ever happened for her and they know and care for her so much, Im not saying its wrong, but that she needs to live her life by herself, friends won't be there always, at the end of the day you are the only person that matters.
So what could I possibly do, I miss her so much, and even told her that, which didn't get a proper reply. Office seems to go well, just that I love her and miss her so much...
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Either ask her out or drop it and look for someone else. By pining after someone you've decided you won't/can't/shouldn't have, that's blocking you from meeting and dating women you can be/will/should be dating.

This is purely avoidance behavior on your part. As is said vulgarly, **** or get off the pot.
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Reply Mon 31 Dec, 2018 09:36 am
Shrist wrote:
Fell in love with a girl at office

you've got a crush on someone

you both need to cut back on the gossiping - it doesn't help anything


Ask her out. Date. Get to know each other outside of the office.

Do not gossip about her with others. Ask her not to talk to co-workers about you - other than as it relates to specific work matters. Gossip will not help either of your careers.

By dating, you will find out if it is more than a crush. You don't love someone you don't know in real life.
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