In love, need advice

Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2018 10:56 pm
in love with a girl from office, same team, for the past 10 months, i do flirt sometimes, and i think she too knows i have feelings for her, through our talks, positive of it, and girls always know if someone likes them more than a friend, they're smart.And she too has displayed affection, which made me feel sure she too has feelings, (because i was trying to avoid it from the beginning as this is an office premise). Anyways, she is very sincere in her work and has responsibilities at home, just like i do.

I've not yet told her because i wouldn't want to create an awkwardness between us in the team, while at work etc. moreover I'm afraid that, if i let her know this, she would try and avoid it and focus on the job and kill whatever few feelings she has for me. I sometimes wish i had seen her before joining office, in college or in school, but i met her here, and it's better late than never.

So my question- I'm definitely gonna quit this place because I've understood what is important for me to do with the skills i have, and staying here, for longer, hinders my approach to that, and so I'm gonna leave by next year after march. Also, my current situation with her: we used to be so close in the start because we were in an unimportant process, but as of now, we both are in the same team, but on a very crucial process, so there isn't much time to even talk and i tried so many times to get her alone just to have a small chat, but she is very much into work and is steadily improving, the girl i met in the beginning had become a mature, job oriented women, and I'm very proud of all her accolades Smile

but we don't talk like before, or have small fights like before, we did have ego clashes, but i can say that I've overcome even that, because i'll love her even if she doesn't, I've learnt so much. i used to be this reaction less, poker faced guy, who is a bit irresponsible, but being with her, i wish to improve, definitely not for her, but all for myself. And to think of it, i was a better person before, but now, I'm looking at myself to level up my game, and know there are beautiful wonderful things in this world, but we often forget those and focus on our negatives which bounds us. I'm sorry I've gone too philosophical Very Happy...

So this is the matter of concern, and i need advice as to how, when to tell her, like all companies i do have a month's time of notice period.
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Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2018 10:02 am
Have you even been out in a date or had any other connection outside of the office?

You need to get to know about her outside life.

Stay away from any “ love” talk or leaving the company.
Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2018 10:07 am
Yes we have been on a date and that's how I'm sure she has interest in me, and why stay away from leaving the company, I'm definitely gonna do it for my own good, but the problem is I haven't declared my love to her yet, I want to know when would be the right time to tell her
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