How to attract a husband?

Reply Sun 3 Jun, 2018 11:22 pm
So I'm 33 years old and single with a two year old. I have dated very unsuccessfully for many years and I've recently given up and quit. I'm not ugly, I'm very smart and have lots of hobbies. I work out, I have a job and a car, although I do live with my parents, but my entire family lives all together in one big house. That can't really be the reason. Seems that all the guys I like don't want me, and all the guys that do like me, I don't like. It's really very frustrating and I'm not sure if it's something I'm saying or doing? What are some things I can do to attract a man? I'm sad it didn't work out with my son's dad, but it's for the best.

And before you go on saying "You should just concentrate on your son." I do. Every. Waking. Moment. I am with him always except when I'm at work. I don't go out or party ever. It would just be nice to have a partner in life and a little bit of support.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2018 06:31 am
Fish where the fish are. Want a religious guy? Then go to church and spread it around that you're looking (someone's always a gossip - tell them). Want an athletic guy? Then chat up the guys at the gym, and join at least one class. Want a smart guy? Then take a class at a local college and make friends with your fellow students.

BTW, anyone can know a single/widowed/divorced guy in your age range, so don't just say hi to men in their 30s - say hi and interact with everyone.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2018 01:03 pm
Besides what jespah said - what about this?

and all the guys that do like me, I don't like.

Obviously you can attract a potential husband according to the above quote - Why don't you like these guys? If it is because they are abusive, mean, jobless, or similar I can understand.

Is it because they are not hot? Is it because these are typically the type of men you are not attracted to? If they are kind and have their head on straight - then give them a chance. Be friends with them - the worst case you have a good friend - best you find they are actually worth the time even though at first glance they may not be what you put on top of your list. Sometimes you have to get to know a person. Also, just because sparks don't fly - and you end up being friends - this could be a trust worthy person that might have another friend that there is an attraction.

The main thing is stop searching in the sense that every potential man you meet is either a potential or not potential future husband. Instead meet many people, make friends and then see how things work out.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2018 01:28 pm
Other than what has been said already 2 things come to mind. You have a child & not all men want that (I for one never wanted kids for example). Added on to that are visitation, financial responsibility etc & any kind of relationship with your childs father could well be a additional concern for a man. Taking on another mans child would take a special person & not all are going to be up for it. I am not saying its impossible just that it could be one reason. Secondly (it could be related to the first reason) living with your family in some cases may put some off. No everyone would want there relationship being scrutinized by the rest of the family, its none of there business. You could end up with the family "taking sides" & it can be hard with just 2 people in a relationship without adding others into it.
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2018 03:03 pm
If what Agent 1741 is true (which I am sure there are some "men" like this. It is likely that they would not be some one you are interested in any way - so this would actually help weed out men that would not be good for you.
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Reply Sun 10 Jun, 2018 08:28 am
so I understand you are 33 y.o. woman with a child?

well... from what I have heard, single men without child will not prefer woman with one. Maybe you should try dating sites for single parents? Just sayin... What I have heard about this topic could be described as... discouraging....
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Reply Tue 12 Jun, 2018 09:43 am
Just do not focus on the child and give him as much time as needed. And in order to perk up and meet a normal person, focus on yourself!
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Reply Tue 17 Jul, 2018 09:48 pm
So,what kind of support do you need?
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