Is this love?

Reply Mon 20 Nov, 2017 09:15 am
As soon as uni started, I met this boy in my flat. We hit it off straight away and started seeing each other basically. He would want to see me every day and we did, he admitted that he's shocked as he'd just got out of a 2 year relationship and thinks its crazy how he's getting feelings as strong as he had then for me in such a short period of time. He really did care about me, his friends all loved me and told him I was special and all told me he always talks about me and he's so genuine about me. Everyone thought we were the real deal and going to be together, he even told his parents and one time when we were messaging I said I had an argument with my friend and he left all his friends and immediately came to my room to see if I was okay. We get on so well, there's never an awkward moment and we can be weird around each other and feel so comfortable, we didn't even have sex that much at all. Until one day, he very suddenly said to me that he just wanted to be friends and couldn't be in a relationship so soon. However, we still were very close and he always messaged me and one time we were in my room and he kept getting so close to my face and stroking my face and my lips. Also, it's crazy but we found out a week later we're in the same course (we're doing foundation courses of different courses we applied for but been put together) and we're lab partners and just now we've been put into the same small group for a group project by random chance. Also, we bump into each other everywhere. I think he got hurt by seeing me kiss another boy in the club (i was really drunk and upset after he ended it) as now he's very off with me, and seems like he can't be alone with me anymore. I asked if he was alright yesterday and he made up some excuse like he has no effort for any girls or pulling or anything but it confused me as if we're friends why would that refer to me. I think I might be in love with him as I miss him so much like even just as a friend I just miss him. What should I do? How's does he feel?
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We have no idea no matter how many topics you create about the same subject.

Please make life easier for the people responding and just update your preexisting topic. Thanks!
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i don't know how to do that! sorry
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At the top of every single page on this website it says "My Topics". Click on that and you'll get to your topics.
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Reply Mon 4 Dec, 2017 04:08 am
He might got hurt by your action. Open up to him and regret for your action. He may regain back.
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Reply Tue 5 Dec, 2017 03:25 am
Everyone can interpret Love in their own Life Dictionary.

I would interpret that romantic love is the commitment between two attracting and faithful souls, that truly understand each other, appreciate each other.

Here's my understanding about your emotion, which is more about physical pull, attraction. Since you have little idea what he thinks about, it is less close to my own definition about love.

Obviously he is not ready to start a new relationship again. You can just be friends at first, and see where it goes.

Grip your emotion before both of you, especially he, is willing to fall for each other. Actually, I would suggest it would be better to observe him if he is the Mr. Right you are looking for.

For Mr. Right, you need to make a list on what qualities your soulmate should meet with.

For example, faithful, drug-free, etc.

I assume none of us can read him, especially through your decription just by a post or a few posts. It's you who are supposed to find out what he is thinking about you and the possibility of the relationship.

All the wishes!
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Reply Tue 5 Dec, 2017 02:17 pm
You were a rebound. Most who are fresh out of a relationship, divert their emotions to a new person to avoid the feeling of emptiness caused by the breakup. The infatuation is instant and will get out of control.....then one day they snap out of it, and realize those feelings were false. The relationship dies a very quick death, leaving the other confused.

Tip: never date anyone fresh from a recent breakup.
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