Yes God, I kn...

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…t's Thu when [Apodistical, Existential Dale] not s'posta do this sorta thing [, sez [sp] his Better Half Enerval]:

…. but I just hadta submit this as followup to a recent OP [already too long] where I showed how God makes everything just a whole lot easier if you take it easy but follow a few simple rules. One of 'em [No.347 I think] was: If it don't work, the come back later !! So at the last mom' when my gap filler at the door of the Jacuzzi [to keep out the bugs] had left one small openin,' I came back s'morn with a box of wood bits I was savin' in my shop [Never throw anythin' out 'less it smells or you can trip on it]. Or was it 348...

[Actually there were 2 boxes of bits, one w/ bigger bits than t'other. So why pick this'n? Now I'm not kidding, and like I said I never ziggurat, 'cept sometimes; but I said to me, when the decision was needed, My Apodistical ExistentialGod [sp] surely'll provide the right bit in this box !!]

Sure enough [not the first like las'time, but the fifth], first thing, just the right size, within the tiniest fraction of an inch height, to slide under the board fillin' the big crack !! But not only right height, precise width, matching that of the board so as to look nice [n' fit snug so's not t' need glue]. So, everyone, there is a god [sp], tho I insist it's the non-supernatural Apodictic One. Still the TAT asks, 'If God is so wonderful, then why wasn't it the first one you tried?' my answer, '[1] Well, I'm imperfect, and [2] God sometimes gives y' a li'l challenge.' [Oh, 'TAT'? Short for TAATANE, or Terribly Angry atAll Times About Nearly Everything].
Asmy [sp] usual practice however, I so deplore the Software Glitch, that I hafta advise 'em of another'n: 'ExistentialGod' [sp] is actually two words stuck together, 'Existential' [ 's'meanin' not sure of 'cause I had added it soudin' so's impressive] and 'apodistical,' or simply 'simple,' 'cause My God hasn't got any'v those dam' contradict's and parad'x's's' !!

[Nother instance of God's work: 'ye;\llo,' my awful typin' meanin' 'yellow.' Her way (go ahead, ck sp] of thankin' me for bringin' this oversight to the attn of y'all !! ['cause I so loved my six years over there shackin' up w/ jist [sp] the loveliest….] Oh and software geniuses, you Clever Spellers: 'Asmy' and "atAll" 's where you haft'adda space to make 'As my', 'At all'.]

Once more feel 'pelled to 'splain to our fine a2k readers and to 't'cellent Ed,'r Steve how [owin'to still another'n of them billions of software Glitches] there's a typo in their Hiring Guide [no Bill, not urs, the one Software Spellers get hired by] , where a requirement, '...IQ at least of PhD' came out '...of a Phud.' Eh, Software Nuts… 'god' takes a cap. Short for 'capita;', meanin' 'big.'

Dale Hileman
Apple Valley
[Home of that Madman, writ's s'many OP's]

Oh, [A2k Mgmt reader Bill: din't color allm [sp] '[sp]' ye;\llo [sp] 'cause hopin' you'd 'mem' my last'n' !!]

[Oh Sftw Melee's and esl: I know how diffi this all is, so I am [email protected] glad to 'splain anythin' t'anybody !!]

[Steve, s'okay, don't care who knows it, after all at 86 (87 Sat) might instead wake up dead Thu morn

Oh and spekin'v typo graphy, fellas, tolja hundred times, dozens if not millions of instances where it's just lousy, like where 'morn' looks so much like 'mom,' our DP readers think I said, ' '…with Mom as a box of wood…' or '...dead Thu, Mom !']

[Oh Streve if'n ya need still 'nother instance how dumb the software, last revision of Email, they won't letcha lift ur letter, so the bottom gets cut off. Then as a kinda insult, they also cut off yer top line with that 'Done' message. Drive me nuts. How come nobody else tho//…..]
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