On the operation of the ouija board

Reply Tue 26 Sep, 2017 06:09 pm
The ouija board is always a most keen challenge for me to make sense of the whole package, namely: the material aspects, the paranormal aspects, the scientific aspects, and the philosophical aspects.

There are the corresponding materials and practices to the ouija board outside the West in other cultures, even the most primitive.

Take for example, the Chinese culture, it is the most ancient and still existing culture in the world today, and now it is going full blast to get to be modern, i.e., highly scientific and technological.

They have also their corresponding materials and practices which are when observed closely, no different in their core to the ouija board in the West today.

Right now I have this idea that as man carries within himself so many organisms living within his body, even the hair is a host to a lot of organisms, like for example the hair lice.

You know, when you experience a spot in your body skin that is itchy, there is certain to be some freeloading microscopic organism getting restless there.

Now in the heart and mind of man, heart here stands for the psyche in man, and what is the psyche of man?

It is all things which have to do with motivations, like the - to use a very broad word. feeling - thus the feeling of envy, pride, lust, ambition, fear, etc., hope you get the idea, and also fear, and curiosity, obsession, sacrifice, dedication, even nationalism, patriotism, loyalty, and what else, ideas of evil and good, aspiration to transcendence, loneliness, etc., you get the ideas.

All these entities of the human psyche, they can be described as so many demons or evil spirits or angels or ghosts even(?).

What I mean is that as with human biological body which is the host to so many and kinds of freeloading organisms like intestinal worms and small insects like as I said earlier hair lice, and all kinds of bacteria, good and bad, the human psyche is also host to all kinds of what we might call affective entities, reified as demons, devils, angels, or in one word, spirits.

So, the ouija board is an instrumentality invented by man to call up all these psychic entities that man is the host to in his own psyche.

Dear colleagues here, let us work together to in a way come to concur on the system involved in the ouija board.
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Reply Tue 26 Sep, 2017 06:51 pm
I think my wife may suffer from demon brain lice.
Reply Thu 28 Sep, 2017 04:21 pm
Demon brain lice, hey, that's good.

Seriously though, you see there are indeed all numbers and sorts of demons in our psyche.

And as life is a drama, we must live the drama that is a witness to our rational nature, and that means to keep under good control the bad demons of hatred, envy, unbridled lust, ambition, vanity, etc., from taking over our psyche and making it adopt a most wicked drama of pure evil.

I think that it was in the BBC World, where I read about the death of two most pure evil, yes, described by the news media as pure evil, man and woman who were into perverse lust and slaughter and macabre burial of their even children victims.

Read: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-12735333

That is an example of a most pure evil drama they had in their lifetime chosen to play, and never showed any remorse whatsoever.
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