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Mon 21 Sep, 2020 05:07 pm - Dear Bill: I can't imagine a literate guy like you take up with a guy like Lawrence Krauss. Don't you have any fresh brain tissues at all, as to be guarded against Krauss, cheating... (view)
Mon 21 Sep, 2020 06:20 am - Lawrence Krauss is not an honest intelligent productive thinker. He is duplicitous with the meaning of nothing. (view)
Sat 19 Sep, 2020 11:54 am - Well, everyone, I am still waiting for Bill to engage in exchange of ideas with me in re that the universe has a BEGINNING some 13.8 billion years ago. My first emphasis is on beginning, then on... (view)
Fri 18 Sep, 2020 06:03 pm - Dear Bill, you keep on and on and on sticking isolated with your fake news information from what scientists tell us, that the universe has a BEGINNING some 13.8 billion years ago. I love very... (view)
Thu 17 Sep, 2020 02:49 pm - Addendum:* . Google: scientists universe 13.8 billion years ago About 314,000 results (0.37 seconds) Age of the universe: 13.8 billion years, scientists confirm (view)
Thu 17 Sep, 2020 02:38 pm - Dear Bill: You seem to not read science, for you still harp on things that are not endorsed in science. That is an arbitrary i.e. gratuitous mindset, to not read science at all. Anyway,... (view)
Wed 16 Sep, 2020 12:18 pm - This morning I want to tell everyone that we exist and we live in existence, and so does God, except this big difference: We have a beginning but God does not have a beginning, He is always and... (view)
Tue 15 Sep, 2020 01:48 pm - Thanks, nacredambition, for your concurrence on my expatiation in re what is existence and how it is most important: for the foundation of honest intelligent productive exchange of ideas in re the... (view)
Mon 14 Sep, 2020 11:07 pm - Dear everyone here in this thread of of yours truly: I ask you all the question, shall we all adopt the platform for our exchange of ideas, namely, the platform of existence: as no... (view)
Sun 13 Sep, 2020 05:41 pm - Dear everyone, I am so glad that you guys are contributing to my thread, thanks! Now, for your orientation, please refresh your heart and mind with the OP. [quote]Post: # 7,050,310... (view)
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