I cheated in all my serious relationships. What's wrong with me?

Reply Wed 4 Oct, 2017 01:01 pm
You have a deep desire to be admired and use sex as that outlet. You are selfish and narcissistic. Basically you're a by-product of this f-d up generation. Do yourself a favor and quit being in relationships until you really work on yourself and do the inner work. Have open relationships with people and practice it safely with honest communication. Every human being is meant to feel honored, safe, beautiful and loved. That is who really are inside. When you don't honor that, you hurt yourself and you hurt other people. Please don't get into relationships and do that to someone again...it just creates a vicious cycle, hurts people, and other people get hurt in the process. When we aren't true to ourselves, we hurt humanity.
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Reply Wed 7 Feb, 2018 11:00 pm
Hey, I also just made a profile to ask a question so I am new as well. To answer your question I myself was a habitual cheater. I was extremely young during those times (teen years) and although I was in love, after a period of time I became unfaithful. I wasn't looking for anything serious with the people I cheated with and one person I cheated on I was with for years off and on. I was attracted to the people I cheated with but always told them upfront how I wasn't leaving my relationship but they always caught feelings and I did occasionally as well.
Going back to the one that I know didn't deserve it... First time we dated we were both really young but I am a year older and 2 grades above so my interest obviously made my ex head over heels and believed that I could do no wrong. I used that to my advantage and cheated from the very beginning but ended up heartbroken after I was left for someone else. She knew my ex was in a relationship and still decided to begin a relationship. I know the nerve of me. Then that same girl was left for me. Ironic isn't it. I vowed to remain faithful because I finally had the one who had my heart. I was a mess during our break up. Well a year later I was back to my old ways until I broke up with my ex due to being accused of cheating. I was, just not with the person that I was accused of dealing with.
Well I made a promise to my ex and myself that I would be faithful to whomever I dated after the fact and we remained flirty friends until I met my husband who objected to our friendship. I've been faithful to my husband since I met him 3 years ago. Don't get me wrong it crossed my mind a few times (more out of spite) but I wouldn't act on it or put myself in a situation as that. I think my promise had more to do with the fact that I didn't ever want to hurt someone as badly as i did my ex. I also know how it feels. So cheaters can change it all depends on how badly you want to. I spent a lot of time on my own reflecting on my wrongs and being comfortable by myself before meeting my husband. I can say it helped a lot!
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Reply Thu 22 Feb, 2018 02:26 pm
Loyalty is a choice. Apparently you do not make the right decision. Not cheating partner is not difficult.
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